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Using Customer Service Analytics to Reduce Churn and Costs

How customer support reports can improve your team’s performance and customer loyalty Customer service is something everyone can relate to personally. It’s safe to say we’ve all had poor experiences that left us frustrated and wanting to ditch the vendor. Hopefully, we’ve all had positive experiences, where representatives responded instantly, understood our issues, and resolved … Continued

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Improving Customer Experience Insights and Loyalty

Best practices for boosting revenue and reducing churn The old adage, “If you build it they will come,” couldn’t be more wrong. Having a good product isn’t enough to attract or retain customers. You also need to deliver a great customer experience.  Consider this: 49% of consumers abandoned a brand they were loyal to in … Continued

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Supercharge Your Sales Pipeline with Revenue Intelligence

Ensure Accurate Pipeline Data with GRAX Would it surprise you to learn that 44% of executives say their organization does a poor job of managing their sales pipeline? Or that only 28% of sales reps expect to meet their annual quota?  What about the fact that 40% of B2B pros don’t trust the data they … Continued

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Evolving Your Data Management Strategy for Analytics and AI

A World Backup Day Imperative The potential for analytics and AI to transform business is undeniable. It’s why 83.9% of executives planned to increase their investments in data, analytics, and AI in 2023. But investment alone isn’t enough, as these 2023 findings from Harvard Business Review made clear:  A Yahoo Finance article points to a … Continued

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Extend the Power of Salesforce Data Cloud

Maximize Business Value with CRM Analytics and GRAX In today’s hyper-connected world, businesses are inundated with vast amounts of data. From customer interactions to market trends, they have access to more information than ever before. However, despite significant investments by many companies to centralize their data, it remains largely siloed and inaccessible. As we all … Continued

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Elevating Your Own Backup Strategy

The Essential Link Between Data Ownership and Data Activation Everyone knows digital data is critical for competitive advantage. However, its value can only be realized if it’s secure, easy to access, and easily actionable. With so many businesses generating data that resides in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Salesforce and third-party backup … Continued

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Transforming Actionable Data into Actionable Insights

How to maximize value from your Salesforce data Salesforce Customer 360 is an incredibly effective platform for managing and improving interactions with prospects and customers. However, businesses can only realize its true potential by transforming Salesforce data into actionable data and actionable insights. This is both more complex and more easily achieved than you may … Continued

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What to Know About Seeding Data for Salesforce Sandboxes

How to choose the right sandbox for your project What are sandboxes? Sandboxes are isolated software testing environments that simulate a production environment but are separate from it. They provide a safe space for developers, testers, and IT professionals to experiment, develop, and test new code, applications, integrations, and changes.  By creating a sandbox, you … Continued

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Why Businesses Need Salesforce Parquet

Benefits of making Salesforce data available in Parquet format Businesses that rely on Salesforce Customer 360 need better ways to efficiently manage and process their data. To get the most value from their data, many users export it into analytics and business intelligence systems. Depending on what file format they use, however, this can be … Continued

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Using Data Automation for Salesforce

Create data pipelines with GRAX to streamline digital transformation and improve analytics and intelligence capabilities. What is data automation? Salesforce generates and houses vast amounts of diverse data, which can be a goldmine for insights. However, managing this data is often a Herculean task. If done manually, the amount of time and resources required to … Continued

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Maximize Data Security with Salesforce Shield and GRAX

Extend Salesforce data protection with unlimited tracking and complete data ownership Millions of people around the world rely on Salesforce. The data they generate, track, and analyze is critical to business operations, compliance, and success. That’s why doing everything you can to protect it is so important. The challenge is that Salesforce does not include … Continued

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How to Create Backup Plans for Salesforce Data

Steps for ensuring resiliency of business-critical data Has any data in your Salesforce instance ever been mistakenly deleted, changed, or overwritten? Have you ever experienced a system failure that resulted in data loss? If so, then you know first-hand how devastating this can be to your business.  If not, count yourself lucky. But don’t count … Continued

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Key Considerations for Salesforce Data Restore

Why Data Restore is as Vital as Data Backup  Most businesses understand that backing up their data is critical. They know that any loss or corruption of data can cause significant damage. This is especially true for mission-critical applications such as Salesforce, where tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of users continually access, add, and change … Continued

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What You Should Know About Salesforce Hyperforce

Managing data residency and migrations  What is Salesforce Hyperforce? Salesforce Hyperforce is a complete re-architecture of the Salesforce platform, designed for the public cloud. This next-generation cloud-based infrastructure is composed of code rather than hardware. This helps ensure the platform and applications can be delivered rapidly and reliably to locations worldwide. When Salesforce announced Hyperforce … Continued

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What is the difference between RTO and RPO?

Industry Recommendations for Salesforce Data Protection Anyone experienced in data backup and disaster recovery knows how critical RTO and RPO are to their success. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) are essential parts of business continuity planning. However, a lot of people are confused over how they work together, how to calculate … Continued

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Salesforce Backup Solutions

Pros and Cons of the Top 5 Vendors More than 150,000 companies around the world rely on Salesforce to run their businesses. What happens if their data gets corrupted or lost due to human errors, insider and external cyber-attacks, sync glitches, hardware crashes, or natural disasters? The impacts on revenue, brand image, customer relations, and … Continued

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What is Data Archiving?

Defining data archive, its benefits, and best practices At its core, data archiving is about retaining data that is important but no longer needed in everyday business operations – and doing so in a way that is very cost-effective. In practice, data archiving is the process of moving infrequently accessed data from primary storage to … Continued

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Top 6 Data Backup Strategy Considerations

How to create a strong backup and recovery plan Every business knows that backing up data is critical. Without a sound data backup strategy and regular testing of backup systems, your risk of data loss and business interruption increases exponentially, whether from innocent human error, malicious actors and ransomware, or unplanned downtime from hardware errors … Continued


Salesforce World Tour NYC Shines with GRAX

Come meet us in New York Going to Salesforce World Tour NYC on December 14, 2023? Get ready to have your world rocked! You’ll learn how AI and Customer 360 can help you work smarter to solve business challenges. And how the long-time partnership between Salesforce and GRAX can make your Salesforce data even more … Continued


GRAX Unveils Free Data Protection Initiative for Nonprofits

Supports nonprofit organizations in advance of GivingTuesday with complementary data protection for Salesforce BOSTON, MA — November 14, 2023 — GRAX, Inc., a leading innovator in Salesforce data management and protection, today announced its new Data Protection Initiative for nonprofit organizations. In support of GivingTuesday, GRAX is making it easier for nonprofits to preserve their … Continued


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