GRAX for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Use your SaaS data backups for recovery and commercial growth.

SaaS data recovery & archiving that improves commercial success

We’ve created a black-box recorder for your Sales and Service Cloud apps, allowing you to capture up to every single change in each system, while also being able to access, recover and analyze all changes inside each application and in your data warehouse.

Supported systems:

The best way to bring your SaaS data into compliance

Backup & archive data without losing your access or ownership

Make Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) irrelevant by capturing and restoring up to every single change in your data, metadata and attachments in Sales and Service cloud. Take full ownership and control of your sensitive user, patient, physician and market access data by storing it in your organization’s data lake while still retaining full access to it in production.

Own your data

Store your SaaS data in your organization’s data lake.


Mask, anonymize or remove personally-identifiable data.

No overages, full access

Archive data without removing it from your production applications.

Easy governance

Manage access through each system’s user roles and permissions.

100% traceability

Capture every single change with unlimited field audit trails.

Production analytics

Add backup/archived data to in-app reports for historical context.

Turn historical data into commercial growth with advanced DataOps

Use your investments in backup, recovery, and archive tools to transform your business.

Accurate forecasting

Improve forecasting by adding your backup/archived data into reports and dashboards.


Improve commercial targeting strategies with your historical, portfolio-level data.

360° action

Bring any external datasets into Salesforce for action without impacting storage.

Next best actions

Strengthen next best action recommendations with historical change data.

Data warehouse

Bring all Salesforce data into your data warehouse or data lake.

Unify reporting

Consolidate reporting on any entity (users, pipeline, practices, physicians, patients, therapies, etc.) across all orgs.

Find new trends

React faster by analyzing changes in data over time to unearth new trends and patterns.

Data confidence

Strengthen integrity by unifying disparate data silos.

Supporting mission-critical Healthcare and Life Science applications

Customers include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Targeted Therapeutics
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Animal Health
  • Medical Devices
  • Public Health
  • Health Insurance Organizations
  • Consumer health tech

Transforming your business

Learn how to get value from your data faster.


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