Backup, Own, & Reuse Your Salesforce Data

Salesforce Data Lifecycle Management

GRAX Enterprise

  • Salesforce Backup & Recovery
  • Salesforce Data Archive
  • GRAX Time Machine for SF
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Key Features
Total Backup Size (Data + Files) Unlimited GRAX does not impose an upper bounds. Salesforce limits, limitations, and governors may apply limitations
Users Unlimited
Backup & Archive Frequency (RPO) Daily Hourly available
Full Copy Sandbox 1
Partial Copy Sandbox 1
Template Support Standard Contact for customization options.
Technical Support
Support Availability 9×5
Support Channels Email
Access to Documentation Checkmark icon
Backup & Restore
Automated Backup Jobs Checkmark icon
Backup into Your Own Storage Checkmark icon
Backup Objects, Relationships, Attachments, & Metadata Checkmark icon
Target Data Using Dates, Salesforce Reports, or SOQL Queries Checkmark icon
Restore Objects, Relationships, & Attachments Checkmark icon
Continuous Data Availability Checkmark icon
Point-in-Time Restore Checkmark icon
Data archive
Schedule Automated Archive Jobs Checkmark icon
Target Data Using Dates, Salesforce Reports, or SOQL Queries Checkmark icon
Archive Object Data, Relationships, & Attachments Checkmark icon
Archive into Your Own Storage Checkmark icon
Click to Restore from Archive Checkmark icon
Continuous Data Availability Checkmark icon
Improve Application Performance Checkmark icon
In-App Data Availability Checkmark icon
Time Machine
See Change History In-App Checkmark icon
See Changes on Any Data Checkmark icon
One-Click Granular Restore Checkmark icon
Side-by-Side Comparisons Checkmark icon
Supported Systems
Salesforce Customer 360 – Sales Checkmark icon
Salesforce Customer 360 – Service Checkmark icon
Support Add-ons
Custom Template Support $$ Contact for more info
Feature Add-ons
History Stream (Data Reuse) $$ Reuse your historical data anywhere Parquet is supported (e.g. Tableau, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon QuickSight, PowerBI on Azure, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Glue, Amazon EMR, Snowflake, Google BigQuery)
Additional Add-ons
Full Copy Sandbox $$
Partial-Copy Sandbox $$
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Frequently asked questions


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How is GRAX priced?

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How can I scheduled a live demo?

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Is there a way to try our GRAX’s features without any installs?

Where do I request for a quote (RFQ) or proposal (RFP)?

Success & Support

What are your general support hours?

How do I reach customer support?

What are the SLAs around support ticket escalation?

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