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It’s time to unlock the value of your historical Salesforce data easily and scalably in your Amazon cloud environment.


GRAX is the leader in Salesforce Data Protection, enabling customers to protect and manage their data throughout its lifecycle through true data ownership, empowering them to reuse those backup and archive datasets for reporting, data warehousing, and more. GRAX runs entirely in a customer-owned AWS environment – using AWS services such as EC2, S3, and others. Customers using History Stream can then easily pipe their data, Parquet files in their S3 bucket, for reuse in Amazon tools, such as Amazon RedShift, QuickSight, SageMaker, and many others.

Own Your Salesforce Data

Customers can capture, own, and control every version of their Salesforce history to maintain their data’s Digital Chain of Custody.

Access All Your Data

Salesforce history doesn’t disappear from production environments & analytics even when their backup & archive lives in their AWS environment.

Maximize Historical Data Availability

Customers can search, view, & compare their historical versions of Salesforce backup and archive data over time.

Optimize & Grow Your Business

Enable data teams to pipe & reuse Salesforce data with clicks, not code. Take historical datasets anywhere Parquet is supported.

Scalable historical data access for maximizing data reuse in analytics, AI/ML, data warehousing, & more

GRAX empowers customer data teams to easily pipe, reuse, and consume their historical Salesforce data with clicks, not code throughout their AWS cloud environment. Customers can take their historical datasets stored in AWS S3 anywhere Parquet is supported.

Data availability:

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True data ownership for supporting compliance needs & maintaining Digital Chain of Custody

We’ve created a recorder for your historical Salesforce data, allowing customers to capture historical versions of their data at the highest fidelity into their AWS S3 data store, while also being able to access, recover and analyze all changes in their Amazon cloud environment, Salesforce instance, or data warehouses.

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