Backup & Restore

Backup, recover and access your cloud application data

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Take ownership and control of your data in 3rd party apps

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Supported applications:

Backup SaaS Data

Data, metadata, custom objects, relationships, attachments

Click to Restore

Data, relationships, and related objects

24/7 Access

Access your backup data directly via your AWS, Azure or GCP data lake

Point-in-time restore

Fast and efficient record restoration


The best way to support stringent regulatory requirements


The highlights

Effortlessly capture, recover and access your cloud application’s historical data — no code required.

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Backups on Autopilot

Automated backup jobs with custom scheduling & rolling dates

Grab Anything

Data, metadata, custom objects, relationships, attachments

One-Click Restore

Restore objects, files, relationships, & attachments

Precision Targeting

Backup whole instances or filter data based on dates, Salesforce reports or SOQL queries

Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS)

Available for AWS & Azure

24/7 Access

Continuous data availability

Easy to Use

Built for admins & data professionals

GRAX SaaS Backup & Restore


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Supported Applications

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Community Cloud
Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Custom Schedule
Rolling Date
Near Real-time (varies by object)
Point-in-Time Restore

Deployment Model

Bring Your Own Storage (AWS & Azure)
GRAX Virtual Appliance (AWS)
Configurable Geographies (where data is stored)

Data types

Standard Objects & Relationships
Custom Objects & Relationships
Metadata (backup only)
Files & Attachments
Chatter Feeds
Knowledge Articles
Person Accounts


Object Type
Hierarchy / Relationships
SOQL Query

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Industry leaders and disruptors choose GRAX

Our customers reported: 10x operational overhead reduction, 70% pipeline acceleration, lower churn rate, and more.

How it works

Control 100% of your data’s Digital Chain of Custody

Take control of your data, store it in your cloud, and never let it touch our systems. With GRAX, your data never leaves your environment(s).

See Why GRAX is Unique
1. Salesforce App

Install GRAX AppExchange Application into each Org

2. Data Lake

Deploy GRAX Data Lake in your Organization’s Cloud Environment

3. Reuse your data

Make Salesforce data available across your organization


Get More Value from Your Cloud App Data

The same tool that lets you backup and recover your Salesforce data is also the best way to capture, ingest and integrate that data into your DataOps ecosystem.

Stay ahead of the competition

Own Your Data

Take full ownership and control of your data’s Digital Chain of Custody – it never leaves your environment.

Access All of It

Your Backup & Archive data has strategic value and stays in your Salesforce production environment(s).

Navigate Your History

View, compare, and recover historical versions of Salesforce data over time.

Maximize Data Reuse

Your entire history stays available in production analytics, reporting, dashboards, and more.

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