The Business Value of DataOps

Discover how to embrace DataOps for true business gain in this IDC Analyst Connection paper

According to IDC research, 87% of CXOs say being a more intelligent enterprise is their top priority for the next five years. To do this, they need to become more data-centric by tapping into their historical datasets and implementing DataOps programs that minimize data errors and boost trust in analytics. 

As part of their best practices, enterprises must focus on capturing and analyzing rich data from mission-critical SaaS apps such as CRMs like Salesforce. Only then can they effectively drive organizational change and substantive business value.

This paper from IDC Research poses questions and answers that help IT teams, data teams, and business leaders:

  • Understand the role DataOps plays in intelligence enterprises
  • Discover how to best capitalize on their historical SaaS app data 
  • Learn common pitfalls and best practices for historical data management   
  • Understand the paradigm shift in the evolution of backup data from insurance policy cost center to revenue generator, including its role as the ultimate source for data analytics, AI, and ML
  • See how other enterprises realize their historical data’s value today

The pressure is higher than ever for businesses to adapt faster and stay ahead of the curve. Don’t let your organization miss out. 

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