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Guide to Salesforce Data Purging for Data Retention Policies

Introducing GRAX’s purge tool to strategically preserve mission-critical Salesforce data while balancing data retention and purging policies. Data has become an invaluable asset in today’s climate, where proper data management is crucial for staying competitive and compliant. Within the Salesforce ecosystem, the trio of data purging, data retention policies, and data management holds significant sway … Continued


Protecting Your Data Legacy: Unlimited Salesforce Field History Tracking

Improve field audit trail capabilities with unlimited data retention for Salesforce History Objects with GRAX High Trust. What is Salesforce Field History Tracking? After enabling field history tracking, this feature acts like a limited time machine for your data within the Salesforce platform. It allows businesses to keep a detailed historical log of changes made … Continued


GRAX Lifecycle Management Improves Salesforce Data Management

GRAX’s new lifecycle management feature for the Salesforce platform makes implementing and managing data retention policies easier than ever. What is Salesforce Data Lifecycle Management? Salesforce data lifecycle management can be defined as the comprehensive approach to managing data from the Salesforce platform, encompassing various stages of the data’s lifecycle. Although stages can vary from … Continued


Data Backup is a Basic Right That’s Why We Made It Free

Introducing GRAX Lite: Revolutionizing Backup and Recovery with Free Salesforce Backup and Restore.    What is GRAX Lite? GRAX Lite is a free data and metadata backup option to get started with Salesforce data protection, giving you peace of mind knowing your data is secure without costing you a dime. Unlike other backup solution vendors, who … Continued


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