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GRAX Data Value Platform

Capture, correlate and act on historical changes in your data

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Time Machine

Record, recover and act on every single change in your data over time

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Data Archive

Reduce impact of data on application performance and storage without removing it from the app.

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Back Up & Restore

Backup, recover and act on historical data changes directly inside your applications

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Data Hub

Act on a complete 360 degree view of your customers in any application without costly consolidation or manual coding

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The new way to turn Data into Value
Compete using your biggest asset: Historical Data

Old Way

Before GRAX

Capture 1% of historical data

Data siloes

Manual 360° analytics

Don’t own your data


(act on your present)


New Way

After GRAX

Capture every single change in data

All data available in every tool

360° customer data in every system

Own your data


(act on past & present)

Our Customers Have Reported

Increased Revenue


Operational Overhead Reduction

Lower Customer Churn


Saved in Manual Effort

GRAX is helping us shorten our revenue reconciliation time from weeks to hours globally. It’s also going to help us fundamentally transform our business by making our teams an even more seamless extension of our customer’s organizations.
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Linda Bloszies

Sr. Director, Platform Engineering
& Product Development

Your Data Safety-Net

Get the most powerful “UNDO” button ever made so you can move quickly and confidently

Grow Smarter
Spot and act on revenue and customer retention patterns as they emerge

Analyze every single change in key business indicators


Create 360-degree customer views based on every available data source


Orchestrate action across siloed groups and systems


Break down information silos and unearth cross selling opportunities



Track & predict changes in pipeline, customer health metrics, SLA performance and marketing velocity

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About GRAX

GRAX is the new way that businesses preserve, recover and act on their historical data. Replacing traditional point-in-time snapshots that miss 99% of all changes and store sensitive data in 3rd party clouds, GRAX captures an irrefutable, recoverable record of every single change that happens to data, storing it in the customer’s own environment and making it available for analytics alongside live data. This approach creates a modern, unified data fabric that helps companies understand and adapt to changes faster in their business.

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The “Return on Investment” of Learning from Your Past – aka ROI with GRAX

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