What's a Data Value Platform?

An unlimited Data Lake to store, manage, and analyze all versions of your company’s data. The Data Value Platform allows customers to not just protect but enrich, learn, and discover from your deep history. 
Back up & Archive
Multiple Org Aggregation
Unlimited Field Audit Trail
Einstein Machine Learning and AI
Utilize Data History to Learn Business Patterns
Object Time Machine to Record Every Change to Every Field
Replicate & Aggregate Non-Salesforce Data
Omni Channel Communication

Three products to free your data.


Back-Up or Archive unlimited fields across every object in your Salesforce instance using the Salesforce UI. No more limits on fields you want to track. 


Audit trail and event-based Salesforce record data backup, recall and recovery done right.


Gain valuable insights from Salesforce orgs without requiring timely and costly multi-org consolidation projects.

Metadata Time Machine

Automatically capture your Metadata changes to your Github, GitLab, and Cloud Storage of Choice. Automated Deployment, Regression Testing, & Continuous Integration using GRAX + Travis CI + SFDX. Delivers 100% visibility, traceability, and validation across any Salesforce environment.
metadata time machine-02.png

About GRAX

GRAX simplifies how companies collect, analyze, and audit all versions of their data from leading SaaS platforms. GRAX is turning the tactical necessity of backup and archive into a strategic prism used to analyze, learn, and automate based on a customer-owned history. Currently used by the largest global companies in highly regulated industries to protect and preserve the chain of custody of data from leading SaaS platforms like directly into the customer-owned PaaS of choice.

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