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Continuous Improvement of Your Life

  • On Success
    • Accomplishments require the audacity to think you can do it, a desire to accomplish more than you already have, and the discipline to make it happen

Continuous Improvement of Your Team


Continuous Improvement of Your Code


    • I was recently earned and was granted my CSSLP certification. Here are three things I learned while training for it.
  • Orlando’s Melrose Technology Center Rocks
    • The public library in Orlando has an amazing facility for Makers of many varieties. Individual Audio/Video, group Audio/Video, 3D printing, meeting places, and classes are all available.

Software Projects

  • OrderByString • SourceNuGetWeb Site
    • Use strings in OrderBy/ThenBy statements.
    • Completely compatible with Entity Framework and other IQueryable providers.
  • Interpolation Format Provider • SourceNuGetWeb Site
    • A string format provider for .NET.
    • Use name/value pairs or property names (even from anonymous types) to put values in string.
  • fFastInjector 1.0.1 • SourceNuGetWeb Site
    • High-speed, compact, and portable dependency injector for .NET 4.0+, Windows 8/10 apps, Windows Phone 8/10 and newer.

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David Walker

David Walker is a software architect, a Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), and a Certified Scrum Leader. He believes in secure and reliable software and productive happy teams. He lives in Orlando with his lovely wife Lynn and his 2 dogs.

  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)