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Top 6 Data Backup Strategy Considerations

How to create a strong backup and recovery plan Every business knows that backing up data is critical. Without a sound data backup strategy and regular testing of backup systems, your risk of data loss and business interruption increases exponentially, whether from innocent human error, malicious actors and ransomware, or unplanned downtime from hardware errors … Continued


Salesforce World Tour NYC Shines with GRAX

Come meet us in New York Going to Salesforce World Tour NYC on December 14, 2023? Get ready to have your world rocked! You’ll learn how AI and Customer 360 can help you work smarter to solve business challenges. And how the long-time partnership between Salesforce and GRAX can make your Salesforce data even more … Continued


GRAX Settings Tab

Summary GRAX Labs presents a first look into the ‘GRAX Settings tab.’ With GRAX’s newly enhanced user interface (UI), you can now take advantage of our new streamlined experience for setting up GRAX. This includes the initial configuration of Salesforce credentials, user management, sign-in policies, and permission sets. Although the configuration is done in our … Continued


Manipulating the History Stream Folder Structure

Our Objective Although the standard output of GRAX History Stream is standards compliant and works for most use cases, occasionally there is the need to change the structure of the folders. Since the files are all named the same within the History Stream folders, this means the files themselves need to be renamed. About History … Continued


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