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Harnessing GRAX Tableau Connectors for Advanced Analytics

From Data to Decisions: Integrating Salesforce Data into Tableau with GRAX Explore the capabilities of GRAX for Tableau Connectors in our latest video demo. This detailed walkthrough illustrates how GRAX seamlessly enables the integration of Salesforce data into your Tableau reports via Tableau Server connectors, dramatically enhancing the efficiency and depth of your historical data … Continued

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The Pros and Cons of ELTs, ETLs, and Data Replication

Choosing the best method for your organization Everyone knows businesses run on data. However, you also know that data lives in many sources and has little value on its own. It only becomes a competitive advantage once it’s pooled together, standardized, and securely and consistently available. Only then can you use it to enhance analytics … Continued

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Why Data Independence is Essential for Salesforce Users

The Critical Role of Salesforce Data Backup  In today’s data-driven world, nothing is more important than the ability to control, access, and protect your data. Business success depends on it. In fact, 94% of organizations say their customers will abandon ship if their data isn’t properly protected. But with 74% of them storing sensitive data … Continued


SQL and Salesforce with DuckDB and GRAX

Salesforce, SOQL, and Limits Salesforce, a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, is one of the richest sources of data for business analysis and intelligence. Structured Query Language (SQL), a language for querying, filtering, joining, and aggregating data, is one of the most widely used tools for data analysis. One of the primary tools for … Continued

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How Salesforce Administrators Can Help Your Business Do More

Leveraging Salesforce Clouds to Strengthen Customer Relationships More than 85% of businesses rely on cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Salesforce is used by far more organizations than any other CRM vendor, and for good reason. The Salesforce platform includes multiple clouds and advanced technologies. Together, they make it easier to find more prospects, close … Continued


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