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As a member of the GRAX Customer Pilot Program, you will have early access to GRAX’s latest innovations. This allows you to be the first to test out our latest features and functionalities. Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to get started!

Sandbox Seeding is here!

Our latest GRAX Customer Pilot Program features Sandbox Seeding for your business-critical Salesforce data.

  • Seed data from prod or sandboxes into developer, developer pro, partial copy, full copy sandboxes or Scratch Orgs
  • Build and reuse previous seeding templates
  • Mask or anonymize confidential and sensitive Personally identifiable information (PII) data
  • Create, control, and disable all automations in your sandbox

GRAX pilot users are currently testing out our new Sandbox Seeding functionality. Sign up today to gain early adopter access.

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Welcome to GRAX Labs! It’s here that you’ll find the latest resources on new features and functionality that our GRAX engineers and product teams are working hard on. Check out the videos below to see potential, pilot, and newly GA features in action.

How to Get GRAX Support

Watch this video to see how you can easily demonstrate, record, and get GRAX support via the GRAX Application.

Watch now
How to Mass Restore Salesforce Hierarchical Data

In this video, you’ll see how quickly you can restore hierarchical Salesforce data as well as check out the new field override feature.

Watch now
Extended Tour: Getting Around the Next Gen GRAX

This deep dive covers GRAX Search, Point-in-Time Restore, History Stream, Settings, Auto-Backups, and more found within this next generation of GRAX.

Watch now
Setting up the GRAX Data Viewer

Check out how easy it is to get started with the newest feature of GRAX Time Machine

Watch now
Deep Dive: GRAX Data Viewer Configurations

Watch this video to learn about each of the GRAX Data Viewer Configurations available to your organization.

Watch now
Viewing Salesforce Data the GRAX Data Viewer

See how you can view your backed up, archived, and deleted Salesforce data in the GRAX Data Viewer

Watch now
First Look: GRAX Search

Providing Salesforce admins and end-users the ability to easily search through their historical data inside of the GRAX’s enhanced UI

Watch now
Viewing Salesforce Data in GRAX

Watch this video to learn how you can easily view your historical Salesforce data that’s stored in your cloud environment of choice

Watch now
First Look: GRAX Dashboard & Execution Tabs

Watch this video to learn how you can easily view all of your Salesforce data backup and archive jobs in the GRAX Dashboard & Execution tabs

Watch now
Restoring Salesforce Records

Restoring Salesforce records with GRAX is just as easy as just a few simple clicks. Watch this video to see it in action.

Watch now
Configure Salesforce Objects for History Stream

Watch this video to see how easy it is to configure salesforce objects for History Stream in order to gain better business outcomes.

Watch now
Quick Tour: GRAX UI

This tour gives you a quick look into GRAX Search, Point-in-Time Restore, History Stream, and Settings tabs found in the next generation of GRAX

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