GRAX is Unique

We are paving the way for change the data protection industry with three value enablers:

Data Access

Backup and archive data has strategic value. Don’t let it disappear from production.

Data Ownership

Take control of your data’s Digital Chain of Custody, an irrefutable record of changes in your data.

Data Reuse

Make your data available in all systems and maximize historical data availability.

Our information architecture

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With GRAX your data transmissions are always encrypted using SSL/TLS.

Data ownership

With GRAX you can own your SaaS application data.

Data access

With GRAX you always have access to your archive and backup data.

Our customers have reported

Operational overhead savings

Reduced customer churn

$50k annual

Months saved in manual efforts

70% pipeline acceleration

360° customer support

Why it’s important

Customers who start using GRAX for basic SaaS data backup and recovery quickly realize that they can use the same dataset to optimize or grow their business. This allows them to evolve from basic data loss recovery to starting to use their historical data to adapt faster.

GRAX helps drive:

  • Business continuity
  • App performance and storage cost improvements
  • Enhanced global compliance and security
  • Unified global analytics and actionable insights
  • Complete 360-degree customer visibility

Get more value from your data

Start using your history to drive business growth.

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