Data Archive

Reduce storage costs and improve app performance without removing data

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Keep archived data 100% accessible in production

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Supported systems:

Salesforce Einstein
Schedule auto-archive jobs

Manage application storage costs and optimize app performance

Maintain data availability

Move data out of your app storage without removing access

Support 360° Customer Views

All archived data is 100% available reports & analytics

Own & control your data

Archive objects, files, hierarchies, & attachments


The best way to meet stringent regulatory requirements


Product Highlights

Our Data Archive product lets you take storage and performance pressures off of your applications without taking away their ability to access or act on the data itself

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Schedule recurring archive jobs with custom rolling date periods

Archive Anything

Archive objects, files, hierarchies, & attachments

Reduce Storage Costs

Eliminate app data storage overages

Improve Application Performance

Accelerate Org performance by increasing available storage

Full Data Access

Access all archived data in your organization’s data lake

Recover from Archive

Recover archived data into production with one click

Easy Setup

Works directly inside of your Salesforce Org(s)

In-Line Reporting & Analytics

Add archived data to production reports and dashboards



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Supported systems

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud

Supported storage providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure Cloud
Google Cloud


Native Salesforce Reports & Dashboards
Einstein Analytics

Data types


Data management

Mulesoft ETL (Native Support)
Restful API

Additional functionality

Single Change Restore
Object Backup & Restore
Schedule-based Backup
Hierarchy Backup & Recovery
Metadata Backup
No Coding Required

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Industry leaders and disruptors choose GRAX Backup & Restore

Our customers reported: 10x operational overhead reduction, 70% pipeline acceleration, lower churn rate, and more.

How it works

Control 100% of your data’s Digital Chain of Custody

Take control of your data, store it in your cloud, and never let it touch our systems. With GRAX, your data never leaves your environment(s).

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1. Salesforce App

Install GRAX AppExchange Application into each Org

2. Data Lake

Deploy GRAX Data Lake in your Organization’s Cloud Environment


Get 4X Return on Your Investment (ROI)

The same tool that lets you backup and recover your SaaS data is also the best way to capture, ingest and integrate that data into your DataOps ecosystem.

Stay ahead of the competition

Own Your Data

Take full ownership and control of your data’s Digital Chain of Custody – it never leaves your environment.

Access All of It

Your Backup & Archive data has strategic value and stays in your Salesforce production environment(s).

Capture Change Data

Make Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) history by capturing up to every single change in your Salesforce data.

Analyze Trends

Your entire historical change dataset stays available in production analytics inside of Salesforce.

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