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What is Grax?

Adapt Faster with GRAX

GRAX is a Data Value Platform that helps you maximize the value of your organization’s historical data. We are building the fastest, most reliable and compliant way to backup, archive, restore and consume your SaaS application data anywhere.

GRAX SaaS Data Value Platform

Our manifesto

Why we built GRAX

It’s time we stood up for the past.
For looking backward.
Because the past isn’t the opposite of the future.
It’s part of it.
It’s the foundation that makes it possible.
And the more we reflect on it and understand its impact,
the more we can shape our journey ahead.
With each passing moment the past gathers a staggering,
illuminating, meaningful trove of new events,
new stories,
new experiences,
new surprises,
new interpretations and
new insights
that continually change our
understanding and perspective.
And even though the world revolves around “what’s next?”
answering that question is a lot easier if you can understand
“what just happened?”
Because the past is a map filled with
clues and suggestions and…
The secret is keeping pace
not missing a thing,
And realizing that
the future is what you make of the past .
GRAX – Adapt Faster


Our story

How we started

Having spent 20+ years helping some of the most iconic organizations in the world get more value out of their data, a handful of GRAXers saw an opportunity to change the game by building a new technology that combined SaaS Data Backup with modern, scalable DataOps.

Founded in 2017, led by multiple industry veterans who have built technologies and companies from zero to a billion, GRAX is the new standard for how customers turn their SaaS application data into strategic value.


GRAX Wins Data Breakthrough Awards 2021 Overall Data Tech Innovation of the Year

This award honors GRAX’s innovative solution for protecting and maximizing the value of historical cloud application data. It validates why backing up this data into your own cloud is so critical to spurring growth.

GRAX Wins American Business Awards Stevie for Customer Service Department of the Year

We work hard to deliver a superior customer experience, always going above and beyond to help our customers succeed. We’re extremely proud to be recognized for this important award.

Winner of the 2020 Dell Technologies Digital and Technology Services Best Customer Experience Partner Award

There’s no higher honor than when a customer publicly recognizes your company for excellent customer experience. We’re thrilled that such a distinguished, technology leader as Dell Technologies chose to bestow this award on GRAX.


Meet the team

Joe Gaska

CEO and Founder

Morten Bagai

Chief Technology Officer

Anna Ravvin

VP of Customer Success

Tony Finocchiaro

VP of Sales & Alliances

Diego Bellalta

VP of Customer Operations

Noah Zoschke

VP of Engineering

Chris Davies

VP of Finance


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