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Evolving Your Data Management Strategy for Analytics and AI

A World Backup Day Imperative The potential for analytics and AI to transform business is undeniable. It’s why 83.9% of executives planned to increase their investments in data, analytics, and AI in 2023. But investment alone isn’t enough, as these 2023 findings from Harvard Business Review made clear:  A Yahoo Finance article points to a … Continued


How to Pull Data from Salesforce to Google Sheets

Harness the Power of Historical Salesforce Data with GRAX Summary As a Salesforce administrator, you understand the challenges non-technical users face when trying to build Salesforce reports. Oftentimes, your end users goal is to derive insights from various types of data in tools that they feel comfortable using. This is how many of these users … Continued

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8 Steps for Ensuring a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Why Advanced Preparation is Critical Salesforce has the power to transform your business, catapult sales, and drive strong customer relationships. When the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is properly implemented, organizations can create a 360 view of their customers, enhance their marketing ROI, increase deal closure rates and velocity,  improve customer retention, and achieve greater … Continued

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Extend the Power of Salesforce Data Cloud

Maximize Business Value with CRM Analytics and GRAX In today’s hyper-connected world, businesses are inundated with vast amounts of data. From customer interactions to market trends, they have access to more information than ever before. However, despite significant investments by many companies to centralize their data, it remains largely siloed and inaccessible. As we all … Continued


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