GRAX Data Protection Initiative

Backing up Salesforce for Nonprofits

The GRAX Data Protection Initiative was conceived with a single, powerful mission: to safeguard the most valuable asset of nonprofit organizations: their data. We recognize that data is every organization’s lifeblood, and designed a program that empowers nonprofits to protect what matters most – without breaking the bank. The GRAX Data Protection Initiative (DPI) is here to fortify your organization against data vulnerabilities, ensuring that your focus remains where it belongs - on your mission.

DPI provides a comprehensive data backup solution, comprising two distinct offerings: direct-to-nonprofit and enterprise partnership. 

  • Direct-to-nonprofit:
    This free backup and recovery license of GRAX Pro is available directly from GRAX to various types of nonprofit organizations.
  • Enterprise partnership:
    For-profit businesses that purchase a license of GRAX Enterprise can give away a free GRAX Enterprise license to a nonprofit organization of their choice. 

Join our GRAX Data Protection Initiative and fortify your organization's data resilience. Together, let's secure your data, amplify your impact, and drive positive change. 

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Free Salesforce Data Protection for Nonprofits

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