Enterprise Intelligence Platforms: Accelerating the Path from Data to Decision

451 Research - Market Insight Report

Most everyone acknowledges that data-driven organizations have a leg up on the competition. This was made abundantly clear when COVID-19 hit. 451 Research says the pandemic offered senior executives and decision-makers a vivid reminder of the importance of agile, data-driven decision-making in enabling enterprises to respond to fast-changing market conditions and competitive threats.

However, for 1 in 3 organizations, the inability to integrate data and analytics with existing data architecture is a major roadblock. With the drift between data-driven ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ widening, it has become even more apparent that organizations need a more direct path from data to decision. A way to efficiently and effectively reuse business-critical data to drive transformational change and organizational excellence.

This report from 451 Research was created to help C-Suite and business leaders:

  • Understand the criticality to becoming more data-driven
  • Rethink traditional assumptions about data management and analytic roles and technologies
  • Discover emerging technology trends that are simplifying the path from data to insights. 

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