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Take control and ownership of your history in Salesforce with GRAX.

  1. Backup all your Salesforce orgs
  2. Keep archived data 100% accessible in production
  3. Navigate your history
  4. Reuse your historical data

GRAX is the new way that businesses preserve, recover, and act on their historical data. Replacing traditional point-in-time snapshots that miss 99% of all changes and store sensitive data in 3rd party clouds, GRAX captures an irrefutable, recoverable record of every single change that happens to data, storing it in the customer’s own environment and making it available for analytics alongside live data. This approach creates a modern, unified data fabric that helps companies understand and adapt to changes faster in their business.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVE MACKEY: Hey, there. This is Dave Mackey with GRAX. And today, we are going to take a sneak peek at one of GRAX's newest features, History Streams. With History Streams, it all starts with customers having the history of their data. This is why GRAX offers the highest level of protection and security by allowing customers to use their own S3 environment. By offering to bring your own AWS environment option, GRAX ensures Chain of Custody as data never leaves your environment.

I've previously executed backups within my GRAX application to start feeding my history into my GRAX Vault. We can see the parquet files that have been added into my S3 bucket. You can see the path structure for these files. As you can see, these parquet files can be added automatically each hour.

Now that you have seen where your history lives, let's take a quick look at reusing that historical dataset in a Microsoft PowerBI dashboard. Since I have been backing up and archiving my Salesforce CRM data at the highest fidelity, I now have a treasure trove of history that I can reuse and answer my business questions confidently and simply.

When we look at this dashboard as a sales manager, I can easily answer questions about my business, such as, based on my opportunity history from the past, what is the expectation for closure amount in the next quarter? How are sales reps performing against each other? What deals were closed and had the potential for closing in each region? What is my pipeline velocity, and how does it historically trend quarter to quarter? Typically, how many touches does it take to close an opportunity?

Additionally, I am now able to easily view archived Salesforce data and Power BI by utilizing my GRAX repository. Want to know more about GRAX and the GRAX History Stream? Get in touch with GRAX by emailing for more information.

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