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How Salesforce Data Backup Can Accelerate Business Growth

IDC Whitepaper: The Business Value of DataOps

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It’s pretty much a given that in order to successfully compete, enterprise and small businesses must become data-driven. It’s no longer enough to just store the data but also to use it meaningfully. C-level executives understand this wholeheartedly. According to IDC’s Business Value of DataOps whitepaper

87% of CXOs say that being a more intelligent enterprise is their top priority for the next five years. 

IDC – Business Value of DataOps

Increasingly, the data they depend on comes from mission-critical SaaS applications like Salesforce – a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that contains their customer base data. Using Salesforce’s customer opportunity and case data outside of the Salesforce ecosystem alongside other business systems data, like ERPs, empowers businesses to make more informed decisions and changes in forecasts, deal value changes, new personas, new opportunities, product development, marketing strategies, and more. 

As a result, IDC says, there is increasing pressure on customers to unlock historical Salesforce data to create a holistic analysis for an organization’s growth and maximum impact.

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Salesforce data access is complicated

The problem is it’s very challenging to access Salesforce data for downstream reuse (data analytics, data warehousing, AI/ML). If you use their backup tool, your data is stored in Salesforce’s own cloud environment that you don’t have access to. Accessing Salesforce data with traditional approaches, such as the following, does NOT provide the benefits businesses need:

  • using Salesforce’s historical trend reporting feature,
  • using ETL to copy it into your own environment, 
  • or migrating it to cold storage archives on-premises or in the cloud.

Not to mention, doing so is also very manual, laborious, time-consuming, and costly.

IDC makes the case that:

To capitalize on Salesforce data, customers need to own and control the data; have unrestricted and speedy access to it without impeding, deleting, or corrupting production environments; and integrate the data with broader analytics programs.

IDC – Business Value of DataOps

This is where Salesforce data backup comes into play.

Backup as the foundation of data-driven businesses

Salesforce backup and recovery solutions have never really been viewed as strategic or revenue-generating. They are considered an “insurance policy” or a “necessary cost center” for data protection, disaster recovery, compliance, and business continuity. 

Many businesses don’t even back up Salesforce data – perhaps thinking Salesforce does it for them. But that’s not the case. Salesforce backup is a separate add-on and cannot provide the extensive backup, archive, and recovery capabilities businesses need. And it’s not at all designed for reusing historical or near-real-time data in downstream analytics tools, such as Amazon QuickSight, PowerBI, Snowflake, and others. But other data management and backup solutions not only make it possible to reuse Salesforce data for analytics and data operations, they also make it simple.

Data backup: the new data extraction that’s data reuse-ready

IDC calls for a paradigm shift in how people view modern SaaS backup. Instead of a “nice-to-have” defensive strategy, it is a “must-have” for protection and a powerful data source for DataOps and analytics.

IDC – Business Value of DataOps

Modern backup and data recovery services that focus on the data ecosystem and data storage in the customer’s own cloud environment can help maximize Salesforce data value. Value can be shown through backup, recovery, compliance, archiving, access, integration / analytic pipelines, and reusability, which redefine the role of backup.

Having access to historical Salesforce data from within organizations’ own cloud environments eliminates ETL complexities. The data engineering teams, data scientists, and data analytics teams within organizations can ingest the data into downstream environments in a simple, consistent manner and accelerate the speed of data programs – and business growth.

IDC has a lot more to say on this topic. Read this complimentary IDC Business Value of DataOps whitepaper, and learn how organizations maximize the value of Salesforce data with modern backup solutions.

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Get your complimentary copy of IDC’s whitepaper on the Business Value of DataOps.

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