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All About Data Backup Devices

Data backup devices still play an irreplaceable role for customers and firms in today’s technology world. There are quite a few pieces of necessary information you need to know about how to back up your data using these types of devices, and choosing the right one to match your needs might be frustrating. Data loss … Continued


GRAX Backup Dashboard: Viewing Salesforce Data Backup Health

Introducing the most efficient Salesforce data observability solution for monitoring and protecting CRM data With the amount of data stored in your CRM – it’s no wonder that organizations are looking to enterprise backup solutions to help them protect that business-critical dataset from potential data loss. After all, data and metadata are the lifelines … Continued

Blog Posts

3 Big Mistakes with Salesforce Backup and Recovery Solutions

Is your Salesforce data protection tool up to snuff? With so many Salesforce data backup and recovery solutions in the market, it can be quite difficult to identify the right tool for your business. Especially as Salesforce customers weigh out different factors ranging from recovery times to cloud storage options to supporting compliance to how … Continued


Cybernews Names GRAX as a Top Salesforce Application

According to Cybernews, by merging Salesforce application data backup, data recovery, and data archiving with scalable data operations for a genuine Salesforce Data Lifecycle Management solution, GRAX is upending the Salesforce data protection market. With this unique approach to capturing, ingesting, and streaming past historical versions of your Salesforce data, the solution that allows you … Continued


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