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Why Data Independence is Essential for Salesforce Users

The Critical Role of Salesforce Data Backup  In today’s data-driven world, nothing is more important than the ability to control, access, and protect your data. Business success depends on it. In fact, 94% of organizations say their customers will abandon ship if their data isn’t properly protected. But with 74% of them storing sensitive data … Continued

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Evolving Your Data Management Strategy for Analytics and AI

A World Backup Day Imperative The potential for analytics and AI to transform business is undeniable. It’s why 83.9% of executives planned to increase their investments in data, analytics, and AI in 2023. But investment alone isn’t enough, as these 2023 findings from Harvard Business Review made clear:  A Yahoo Finance article points to a … Continued

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Elevating Your Own Backup Strategy

The Essential Link Between Data Ownership and Data Activation Everyone knows digital data is critical for competitive advantage. However, its value can only be realized if it’s secure, easy to access, and easily actionable. With so many businesses generating data that resides in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Salesforce and third-party backup … Continued


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