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GRAX Launches in AWS Marketplace as AWS ISV Accelerate Partner

Salesforce data backup and DataOps solution is now available to help AWS customers with data protection and data reuse. BOSTON, MA — May 4, 2022 — GRAX, Inc., a leading software as a service (SaaS) Data Value Platform, today announced its availability in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent … Continued

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How Salesforce Data Backup Can Accelerate Business Growth

IDC Whitepaper: The Business Value of DataOps It’s pretty much a given that in order to successfully compete, enterprise and small businesses must become data-driven. It’s no longer enough to just store the data but also to use it meaningfully. C-level executives understand this wholeheartedly. According to IDC’s Business Value of DataOps whitepaper:  87% of … Continued


History Stream is a “game-changer” – TechTarget

This article “GRAX History Stream feeds Salesforce data to analytics tools,” by TechTarget’s Johnny Yu, discusses the launch of GRAX’s History Stream – including insights from GRAX CEO Joe Gaska and Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh. GRAX’s new History Stream solution provides an easy way to directly send Salesforce data into intelligence tools so customers … Continued


History Stream Explained – Datanami

This article in Datanami discusses GRAX’s newest product, History Stream, including how it works The breakthrough DataOps solution, History Stream, slashes the complexity, time, and cost required to transmit SaaS application data to the analytics and operations tools business users rely on. Now, instead of having to code, businesses users can make every version of … Continued


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