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Create Snapshot Reports With Our Salesforce Excel Connector

Transform Your Salesforce Reporting and Elevate Your Sales Data Analysis with GRAX for Excel Summary Facing the challenge of building comprehensive Salesforce reports? GRAX for Excel is here to bridge the gap between Salesforce data and Microsoft Excel, making it simpler than ever for sales teams to analyze and report on their sales pipeline with … Continued

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Supercharge Your Sales Pipeline with Revenue Intelligence

Ensure Accurate Pipeline Data with GRAX Would it surprise you to learn that 44% of executives say their organization does a poor job of managing their sales pipeline? Or that only 28% of sales reps expect to meet their annual quota?  What about the fact that 40% of B2B pros don’t trust the data they … Continued


How to Pull Data from Salesforce to Google Sheets

Harness the Power of Historical Salesforce Data with GRAX Summary As a Salesforce administrator, you understand the challenges non-technical users face when trying to build Salesforce reports. Oftentimes, your end users goal is to derive insights from various types of data in tools that they feel comfortable using. This is how many of these users … Continued

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Transforming Actionable Data into Actionable Insights

How to maximize value from your Salesforce data Salesforce Customer 360 is an incredibly effective platform for managing and improving interactions with prospects and customers. However, businesses can only realize its true potential by transforming Salesforce data into actionable data and actionable insights. This is both more complex and more easily achieved than you may … Continued


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