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How to Prepare for the Digital Operational Resilience Act

Ensure your organization’s readiness for the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Learn about compliance, data protection strategies, and best practices as well as what the EU’s new DORA Act means for IT Security. The European Union is widely recognized as a global leader for data protection and privacy. Many countries, including the US, look to … Continued

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How to Prevent Private Data & Intellectual Property Leakage

Learn effective strategies to prevent private data and intellectual property leakage, ensuring the security of your sensitive information and data protection. Most businesses use hundreds of SaaS applications. With SaaS spending projected to increase 20% this year to $247.2 billion, it’s clear that investments in digital data will continue to skyrocket. This is great news … Continued

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GRAX on Heroku: Empowering Your Data Management Strategy

With organizations producing terabytes and petabytes of data, a data management strategy has never been more important. Enter GRAX on Heroku, the solution that’s changing how businesses manage their Salesforce data. By using all of your data—every version—GRAX lets you see more, be compliant, and grow. The Power of History One of the best parts … Continued

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Why Data Independence is Essential for Salesforce Users

The Critical Role of Salesforce Data Backup  In today’s data-driven world, nothing is more important than the ability to control, access, and protect your data. Business success depends on it. In fact, 94% of organizations say their customers will abandon ship if their data isn’t properly protected. But with 74% of them storing sensitive data … Continued


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