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Elevating Your Own Backup Strategy

The Essential Link Between Data Ownership and Data Activation Everyone knows digital data is critical for competitive advantage. However, its value can only be realized if it’s secure, easy to access, and easily actionable. With so many businesses generating data that resides in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Salesforce and third-party backup … Continued

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Transforming Actionable Data into Actionable Insights

How to maximize value from your Salesforce data Salesforce Customer 360 is an incredibly effective platform for managing and improving interactions with prospects and customers. However, businesses can only realize its true potential by transforming Salesforce data into actionable data and actionable insights. This is both more complex and more easily achieved than you may … Continued

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Why Businesses Need Salesforce Parquet

Benefits of making Salesforce data available in Parquet format Businesses that rely on Salesforce Customer 360 need better ways to efficiently manage and process their data. To get the most value from their data, many users export it into analytics and business intelligence systems. Depending on what file format they use, however, this can be … Continued

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Boost your business with an AI-based Decision Intelligence Platform

Using an AI-based Decision Intelligence Platform is not just the “It” thing that’s in today; it actually unleashes valuable insights based on the data you feed it. In this post, you’ll learn more about what decision intelligence includes and what you need to boost your business using this. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been emerging loudly … Continued


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