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How Salesforce Schema Changes Can Degrade an ETL Pipeline

Data Replication Eliminates ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Schema Challenges Anyone who uses Salesforce knows that getting schema right is critical. It’s what enables you to rely on the platform for customer interactions and management – and to leverage historical Salesforce data for reporting, analytics, AI, and more.  When it comes to integrating Salesforce data with … Continued


Harnessing GRAX Tableau Connectors for Advanced Analytics

From Data to Decisions: Integrating Salesforce Data into Tableau with GRAX Explore the capabilities of GRAX for Tableau Connectors in our latest video demo. This detailed walkthrough illustrates how GRAX seamlessly enables the integration of Salesforce data into your Tableau reports via Tableau Server connectors, dramatically enhancing the efficiency and depth of your historical data … Continued

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Using Customer Service Analytics to Reduce Churn and Costs

How customer support reports can improve your team’s performance and customer loyalty Customer service is something everyone can relate to personally. It’s safe to say we’ve all had poor experiences that left us frustrated and wanting to ditch the vendor. Hopefully, we’ve all had positive experiences, where representatives responded instantly, understood our issues, and resolved … Continued

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Improving Customer Experience Insights and Loyalty

Best practices for boosting revenue and reducing churn The old adage, “If you build it they will come,” couldn’t be more wrong. Having a good product isn’t enough to attract or retain customers. You also need to deliver a great customer experience.  Consider this: 49% of consumers abandoned a brand they were loyal to in … Continued


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