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Joe Gaska is the CEO and founder of GRAX. Under Joe's leadership, GRAX has become the fastest-growing application in Salesforce's history. He has been featured on the main stage at Dreamforce and has won numerous awards including the Salesforce Innovation Award. Prior to founding GRAX, Joe built Ionia Corporation and successfully sold it to LogMein (Xively), which is now a part of the Google IoT Cloud. Joe holds a BA in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Maine at Farmington.

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Getting Started with Free Backup

Quickstart Video For Salesforce users and organizations seeking a reliable cost-free way to backup and safeguard their data with a daily Recovery Point Objective (RPO), GRAX Lite offers an unbeatable solution. Effortlessly deploy the GRAX Application for Salesforce backup into your AWS environment in minutes.  This video will review how to get started quickly step-by-step, … Continued


GRAX Free Trial Quickstart

Quickstart Video Experience the power of GRAX for Salesforce data protection by setting up a free trial in just 10 minutes. Our revolutionary data protection solution will transform the way you backup and recover your valuable CRM data.  This video will review how to get started quickly step-by-step, including: Start your free 7-day trial today … Continued


How Historical Cloud App Data Can Accelerate Business

In this Forbes article, GRAX CEO, Joe Gaska discusses how organizations can leverage historical SaaS data to drive business growth. In 2019, companies used an average of 29 cloud applications each, and that number has been exploding ever since. With this growth, businesses need strategies to protect and backup SaaS data, and equally important, leverage … Continued


What New Data Privacy Legislation Means for SaaS Users

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for eWeek, highlights recent data privacy legislation, and how companies using SaaS applications should respond. Three U.S. states have passed data privacy legislation, with several others actively reviewing bills and the trend increasing globally. Businesses need to proactively implement a security framework that gives them control over … Continued


How Insurers can Unlock Historical Data for Business Growth

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for PropertyCasualty360, discusses why insurers should rethink their use of historical SaaS data to leverage it as more than just a backup. Insurance organizations have always relied on data for processes like underwriting and risk assessment and are likely using historical data for regulatory compliance and security. … Continued


How to (Easily) Tap Historical Data for Business Growth

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for Dataversity, discusses the challenges to accessing historical data and how to overcome them for efficient data reuse. If we don’t learn from our past, we’re bound to get stuck repeating it while the world changes. That is the idea behind reusing historical data to inform business … Continued


Getting Ready for Cloud Data-Driven Healthcare

GRAX’s Joe Gaska (CEO) examines how healthcare providers can become data-driven and maintain regulatory compliance in this article. The healthcare cloud computing market is expected to reach over $61 billion by 2025 as healthcare organizations adopt SaaS applications to improve operations and patient care. Since the healthcare industry is so highly regulated, introducing SaaS applications … Continued


The Key to Reusing SaaS Data for Business Gain

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for Digitalisation World, discusses how companies can extract value from their SaaS application data. The pandemic accelerated the move to mission-critical SaaS applications. Companies need to backup the data residing in these apps, not only to prevent disruptive losses but to take advantage of the wealth of … Continued


Cloud Data Protection: The Key to Digital Transformation and Compliance

Learn how government agencies undergoing digital transformation can securely store data in the cloud in this Government Technology Insider article. Government agencies are transitioning to digital tools, with about half already using cloud-based systems according to a recent FedRAMP study. Government employees and contractors need to be able to store and reuse this data for … Continued


Maintain Compliance and Fuel Growth with Data Ownership

In this PropertyCasualty360 article, GRAX CEO, Joe Gaska discusses how data ownership can help ensure compliance with laws and regulations. With more insurers moving to cloud-based, or SaaS, models, new security and compliance challenges arise. Data residing in SaaS applications is difficult for insurers to track and audit who has accessed and copied the data … Continued


The case for SaaS data backup and ownership

This article, written by Joe Gaska, CEO of GRAX, highlights how backing up SaaS data can help government agencies meet data governance and privacy regulations. A recent study on FedRAMP adoption found 56% of federal government offices now use some cloud-based solutions and systems, while 49% of state/local governments have most of their systems and … Continued


Balancing Digital With Compliance

This ITL article by Joe Gaska, GRAX CEO, discusses why data ownership is key to helping insurers balance digital transformation needs with increasing compliance requirements A recent report by Accenture revealed that digital transformation was challenging for insurers during the pandemic as they struggled to meet demands for sales and service while working remotely. Now, … Continued


Ensuring Compliance with a Digital Chain of Custody

Backing up SaaS app data gives financial companies greater control and helps them reduce risk, according to GRAX CEO, Joe Gaska, in Payments Journal. Financial services companies are shifting to cloud-based SaaS applications, like Salesforce, to help run their businesses more efficiently. This also exposes organizations to compliance risk. In this article, Joe discusses how … Continued


Expanding the cloud creates new compliance challenges

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for American Banker, discusses how backing up SaaS application data helps ensure compliance in the highly regulated financial industry. Once COVID-19 hit, cloud infrastructure and applications became even more compelling – financial pressures grew, and employees needed to work remotely and service customers online. Now, many organizations … Continued


Outcome-Based Healthcare’s Data Ownership Challenge

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for Electronic Health Reporter, discusses how healthcare organizations can protect sensitive data while still leveraging mission-critical SaaS applications. Healthcare is highly regulated when it comes to data security and privacy, however minimizing risk of data exposure is becoming a greater challenge. This is partly due to cloud-based, … Continued


4 Simple Steps to Maximize Value from SaaS App Data

This TDWI article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska, discusses how organizations can make cloud application data available for re-use in any application or system. Companies increasingly target their SaaS application data for ingestion and integration into their overall DataOps ecosystems. However, doing so in an efficient and effective way can be challenging and costly, … Continued


3 Keys to Boosting Insights and E-Commerce Results from Cloud Data

This article, by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for Total Retail, discusses how retailers can achieve better insights and value from their cloud application data. To secure the insights needed to drive revenue and remain competitive in an increasingly online world, retailers need to have a robust data strategy — one that enables them to get … Continued


World Backup Day 2021: It’s All About Automation

This eWeek article includes commentary from our CEO Joe Gaska about what’s next in backup. In this article recognizing World Backup Day, Joe Gaska asks businesses to think beyond using backup data for insurance and see it for the strategic asset it can be. Key Takeaways: For businesses to move beyond using backup data for … Continued


Moving to Public Cloud & an Intelligent Data Strategy

This Dataversity article by our CEO shows the value of backing up data from a vendor’s cloud app into your own cloud infrastructure. According to a 2020 IDG report, over 92% of organizations say their IT environment is at least partially in the cloud, with that number likely to grow in coming years. Accelerated by … Continued


Two new ways backup can protect enterprise SaaS data

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for HelpNetSecurity, highlights the importance of backup to protect enterprise SaaS data. There is a lot of conversation around protecting data that resides in on-premises apps, but when it comes to protecting data on SaaS apps, it’s pretty much crickets. This is because many enterprises assume SaaS … Continued


DataOps is Here to Stay. Here’s why.

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for Built In, highlights the importance of DataOps in helping organizations adapt faster to business changes. The reason why something has “staying power” in the tech world has a dizzying range of answers. Some things go viral and then fizzle out, while others embed themselves into our … Continued


The New Frontier in DataOps: Cloud Application Data

In this article for TDWI, GRAX CEO Joe Gaska reveals how a new, more scalable approach to capturing, ingesting, and acting on SaaS application data is starting to emerge. As DataOps continues to fuel the silent arms race for historical data across every sector of our economy, organizations have turned their gaze to a new … Continued


SaaS Data Ownership: The Key to Data Protection and More Impactful Machine Intelligence

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for insideBIGDATA, discusses the critical role SaaS data ownership plays in data protection and machine learning. With Gartner reporting that 97% of organizations use SaaS applications, the question of SaaS data ownership is quickly becoming something that can no longer be ignored. Although some organizations have caught … Continued


SaaS Application Data: Your New Competitive Weapon in 2021

This AiThority article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska, discusses why it’s time to tap one of the most valuable sources of structured, converged, and historical trend data: cloud applications. Cloud applications are critical to helping us optimize and grow our businesses day in and day out. Data stored in those applications is a rich … Continued


SaaS backup: A more scalable way to ingest cloud app data

This article, written by Joe Gaska for SD Times, discusses the need for a new approach to getting value out of your SaaS data. SaaS applications, like Salesforce, are used by 97% of enterprises. The data in those applications is a goldmine of information about decisions made and actions taken. So it’s not surprising that … Continued


SaaS Data Ownership

This article, written by Joe Gaska for Digitalisation World, discusses how to turn privacy and governance into a competitive advantage. While some may see SaaS application data as a liability that they would prefer to sweep under the rug, more and more organizations are embracing it as a strategic weapon that they can take control … Continued


Historical SaaS App Data as the Ultimate Training Set for AI/ML

In this article for AiThority, GRAX CEO Joe Gaska reveals how to turn artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) from a disappointment to a success story. Cloud applications like Salesforce represent the frontlines of cause-and-effect patterns of change sweeping across your business. Their data represents ideal ML/AI training sets — but often goes untapped. … Continued

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