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Experience the power of GRAX for Salesforce data protection by setting up a free trial in just 10 minutes. Our revolutionary data protection solution will transform the way you backup and recover your valuable CRM data. 

This video will review how to get started quickly step-by-step, including:

  • Connecting with your Salesforce instance,
  • How to deploy the GRAX application,
  • And how to automatically start backing up your Salesforce data. 

Start your free 7-day trial today and experience peace of mind with GRAX’s advanced data protection solution for 100% data ownership.

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Good afternoon, Joe Gaska, Head of Product at GRAX. Today we’re going to be setting up a free trial of GRAX in as little as 10 minutes.

If you go to, on the top right hand corner, click login. You will be logging in with your production Salesforce instance just to authenticate who you are.

I’m going to click connect continue with Salesforce. This will allow directly into the GRAX product. In the top right hand corner, you’ll see New Deployment.

When you click New Deployment, you’ll be prompted with a seven day free trial. Click start trial. Choose the region that you would like to deploy in.

I’m going to select the U.S. I’m going to click deploy. The deploy is going to create a brand new instance of GRAX for you.

This will complete in about 10 minutes. The status is awaiting activation. And in a few minutes we’ll return and continue.

As deployment continues, you’ll see deploy in progress. Again, this will take about 10 minutes before being listed as active.

Welcome back. 

As you’ll notice, now the deployment is marked the status of active. Simply click open, now you’ll be prompted to log in directly with where you want to run GRAX against the Salesforce instance.

I’m going to click connect with Auto Config. I’m going to log in to a developer instance that I have created ready to go.

Simply add the username and password of the environment that you’d like to back up, click login

GRAX is going to reboot the application.

It’s going to reconfigure everything that is pointing at that environment. It’s going to restart Auto Backup and you are 100% configured, up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

So I’m going to log in now and you’re going to see all the settings are set up 100% for you and Auto Backup is running.

Enjoy your trial!

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