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Why we built GRAX

GRAX helps you adapt faster by correlating every single change in your data over time.

The original idea for GRAX emerged from my experiences in early 2012, when our previous company, Ionia Corporation, was building internet-connected device solutions for large organizations. Back then, so many companies were trying to build this stuff for tactical reasons – there were very few use cases that actually made an impact – and that always stood at odds with my personal belief in creating long-term value.

I spoke to 100’s of executives investing in connected devices who all told me about countless use cases that all seemed to boil down to two core scenarios:

1. Revenue generation

2. Customer retention

I believe these are the only two levers most businesses can measurably move to impact growth. It didn’t hit me until I left the business (after selling the company), that by deploying internet-connected devices, most companies were simply trying to use device-generated data to get closer to their customers.

‘Information gaps’ prevented them from being able to answer simple yet powerful questions about their business:

  • Why is my pipeline conversion changing over time?
  • How has my customer acquisition rate changed over time?
  • What’s impacting my customer retention rates over time?

With connected devices, customer data was constantly streaming in – and the history of how that data changed over time was what companies wanted to act on. Another way to think about it, is that streaming device data was an indicator of the health of the customer relationship over time – or it’s velocity (speed and direction).

This was the “Ah-ha” moment that changed everything:

The only thing that matters is measuring CHANGE OVER TIME

If you capture the full history of all of the changes that your business undergoes over time, you will be able to understand where things are headed and why. More importantly, you will be able to take action to adjust the trajectory you’re on.

The first step to getting there, is to start capturing and analyzing the full history of all of data over time.

That’s where GRAX comes in

I, for one, am grateful for the dent that it will make in the universe.

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