GRAX Launches in AWS Marketplace as AWS ISV Accelerate Partner

Salesforce data backup and DataOps solution is now available to help AWS customers with data protection and data reuse.

BOSTON, MA — May 4, 2022GRAX, Inc., a leading software as a service (SaaS) Data Value Platform, today announced its availability in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS. GRAX is an AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Partner and participates in an exclusive co-sell program for AWS Partners that provide software solutions that run on or with AWS. GRAX’s solution helps businesses accelerate business insights by effortlessly capturing Salesforce data into a customer’s Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)  and ingesting it in Amazon QuickSight (AWS’s cloud-native Business Intelligence service), Amazon Redshift (AWS’s cloud data warehouse), and Amazon SageMaker.

Many AWS customers who rely on Salesforce for CRM want to reuse their historical backup and archive data for business-critical data operations and data analytics. With GRAX History Stream, AWS customers can further simplify the process. Instead of having to code, data engineers, data scientists, business intelligence analysts, and data management teams can make every version of their Salesforce archive and backup data available widely and securely with just clicks.

“Our data backup and DataOps solution further reduces data transfer hassles and costs and gets customers to business insights faster with the AWS tools they know and love,” said Joe Gaska, Chief Executive Officer at GRAX. “GRAX’s ability to help inform decisions and answer business questions even faster by preparing data for downstream consumption and making it easily ingestible can be a game-changer for companies wanting to unlock their Salesforce data treasure trove. We’re proud to be an AWS ISV Accelerate Partner in AWS Marketplace, and we are excited to work with AWS to make these business-critical capabilities even more accessible to AWS customers.”

GRAX provides a unique solution for businesses wanting to protect their data and extend the value of their data in Amazon S3. By making Salesforce data easily and securely available in customers’ Amazon S3 and directly streaming it to Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon SageMaker, GRAX helps accelerate business insights and predictive analytics. 

Healthcare, financial services, and other highly-regulated organizations can run GRAX in their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). When combined with storing Salesforce backup data in the customer’s own Amazon S3 bucket instead of in Salesforce or other third-party tools, this gives businesses complete ownership over their data and helps ensure their data’s Digital Chain of Custody. The GRAX solution on AWS has enhanced Salesforce data protection while ensuring reliable, fast data access for authorized Salesforce end users.

To get started with GRAX or learn more about GRAX’s data backup and DataOps solution for Salesforce, visit the GRAX listing in AWS Marketplace.

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GRAX helps organizations adapt faster by making it easier to get strategic value out of their historical SaaS application data. Customers can fully own, access, and reuse all versions of their cloud application data anywhere, anytime by simply backing up or archiving it to their own cloud environment and seamlessly pushing it into their data ecosystem. GRAX delivers unparalleled SaaS data backup, archive, recovery, and reuse functionality in a fully integrated solution, helping leading organizations improve business continuity, regulatory compliance, customer retention, and revenue growth. GRAX is a remote-first, privately-held company backed by Volition Capital. Learn more at

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