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Salesforce data lifecycle management solution from data backup and recovery to reuse and archive.

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Before GRAX

The Old Way

After GRAX

The New Way

No control or ownership over Salesforce data
Total Control
Backup & archived data disappears
Full Access
Scheduled backups capture 1% of changes
Capture Changes
Manual data consolidation
360° Data Visibility
Data locked in app(s)
SaaS Data Warehouse

Data backup and ownership are basic rights.

That’s why we’re giving Salesforce data backup for free!

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Get the most powerful “UNDO” button ever made so you can move quickly and confidently.

Explore GRAX Backup & Restore
  • Maximize resilience & audit-readiness
  • Regain ownership & control of your Salesforce application data
  • “UNDO” complex operations like merges and overwrites
  • Analyze and use all backup and archived Salesforce data

Grow smarter

Maximize Data Reuse with History Stream

Explore History Stream
  • Keep all backup and archived data ‘hot’ in production application environment(s)
  • Data Availability in Salesforce Tableau, Amazon Redshift, & others
  • Easily use data pipelines to anywhere Parquet is supported
  • Gain 360-degree customer data visibility across every data source in any system

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