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Backup Data: Why Companies Should Invest In It

This Toolbox article by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska discusses how SaaS backup data can provide a competitive edge. Backup data gets a bad reputation. The term alone suggests that it is not something that fulfills any great purpose but rather something that exists “just in case.” In this article for Toolbox, Gaska explains why backup … Continued


How Historical Cloud App Data Can Accelerate Business

In this Forbes article, GRAX CEO, Joe Gaska discusses how organizations can leverage historical SaaS data to drive business growth. In 2019, companies used an average of 29 cloud applications each, and that number has been exploding ever since. With this growth, businesses need strategies to protect and backup SaaS data, and equally important, leverage … Continued


Why Companies Need to Focus on Employee Mental Health

In this article, StrategicCHRO360 interviews GRAX’s head of people and culture, Sharon Schmidt, on the importance of employee mental health. The pandemic pushed many companies to consider how they support their employees’ mental health and emotional well-being. Sharon Schmidt, head of people and culture at GRAX, advises beginning with honest conversations to solicit employee feedback … Continued


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