History Stream™

Make cloud app data available anywhere, anytime for reuse

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Drive single pane analytics and action across all systems

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Data availability:

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360° SaaS Data Access

Make cloud application data available virtually anywhere Parquet is supported

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Analytics, Your Way

Analyze your cloud application data in your tool of choice

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SaaS Data Training Sets

Use SaaS change data to train your algorithms

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SaaS Data Warehouse

Bring SaaS data into your data warehouse


The best way to support stringent regulatory requirements


The highlights

Get the most value out of your cloud application’s historical data by making it available anywhere.

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360° Customer Analytics

Add SaaS data to your analytics reports and dashboards

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SaaS Data Warehouse

Bring cloud application data into your data warehouse

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Maximize Data Re-Use

Take your SaaS data anywhere Parquet is supported

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Train AI/ML with SaaS Data

Add historical SaaS change data to your machine learning training sets

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Geographic Compliance

Control where data is stored and how it’s accessed

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External Data

Bring external data into your applications via your SaaS data lake

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Bring Your Own Infrastructure (BYOI)

Deploy GRAX anywhere you’d like using AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, & others

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24/7 Access

Continuous data availability



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Supported Applications

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud


Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics)
Tableau Online
Tableau Desktop
Amazon RedShift
Amazon QuickSight
Amazon SageMaker
PowerBI by Azure

Data Management

Amazon EMR
Amazon Athena
Amazon Glue
Google BigQuery


GRAX Backup & Restore
GRAX Enterprise

Deployment Model

GRAX Enterprise:
• 100% Customer Owned, Managed, & Customized
• Bring Your Own Infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, & others)

Standard GRAX Enterprise:
• Customer Owned AWS Infrastructure & GRAX-Managed

History Stream + Tableau CRM
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History Stream + Amazon QuickSight
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History Stream + PowerBI by Azure
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History Stream + Amazon SageMaker
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History Stream + Snowflake
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History Stream + Google BigQuery
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Markets We Serve

Industry leaders and disruptors choose GRAX

Our customers reported: 10x operational overhead reduction, 70% pipeline acceleration, lower churn rate, and more.

How it works

Control 100% of your Salesforce data’s Digital Chain of Custody

Take control and ownership of your Salesforce data backup, store it in your cloud, and never let it touch our systems. With GRAX, your data never leaves your environment(s).

See Why GRAX is Unique
1. Deploy GRAX

Customize & deploy GRAX anywhere (AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, & more)

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2. Protect Your Salesforce Data

Kick off continuous high-frequency Salesforce backups

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3. Reuse your data

Make your Salesforce data available anywhere Parquet is supported

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Get More Value from Your Salesforce Data

The same tool that lets you backup and recover your Salesforce data is also the best way to capture, ingest and integrate that data into your DataOps ecosystem.

Stay ahead of the competition
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Capture and collect

Backup & Restore

Capture, recover, & access all your Salesforce data.

  • Hourly Auto-Backups (RPO)
  • Point-in Time Recovery
  • Mass Restore (Hierarchy)
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Store, protect and access

Time Machine

Navigate changes in your Salesforce data over time.

  • Chain of Custody
  • GRAX Data Viewer (LWC)
  • Time Machine (LWC)
  • Management Policy*
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Archival and deletion

Data Archive

Reduce Salesforce storage costs & improve performance.

  • Delete Tracking
  • Right to be Forgotten (GDPR/ CCPA)
  • Retention Policies*
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Analytics and AI/ML usage

History Stream™️

Make your data available anywhere Parquet is supported.

  • AWS Redshift
  • SageMaker
  • PowerBI
  • Google BigQuery
  • QuickSight
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau
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*Contact sales@grax.com for more info


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