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GRAX Enrich

The best way to unify, cleanse and de-dupe data across multiple application instances and sources

Flexible. No-Code Data Hub.

GRAX Enrich is the best way to enable 360-degree views into your customers directly in your application interface (such as Salesforce). You can unify records across multiple instances (ie. Salesforce Orgs) and external data sources, and perform mass-cleansing, de-duplication and updates directly inside of your application interface. Mass updates can be done with confidence, knowing that you can roll back and recover data to any point in time if something goes wrong.

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Drive Revenue, Retain Customers.

Enrich breaks down data silos by building “digital bridges” between all of your data islands (i.e. Salesforce Orgs). This unlocks the ability to answer powerful business-wide questions with one click, including:

“What cross-selling opportunities do we have across all of our global teams?”

“What are the key factors causing my pipeline velocity to change at various stages over time?”

Customers use Enrich to grow top-line revenue by upwards of 9%, to reduce operational overhead by up to 10X, and to drastically improve data quality – all directly inside of the systems they already use today.

Multi-Source Data Cleansing that Scales with Confidence

Enrich is the most powerful data consolidation, cleansing, and de-duplication tool on the market because it allows make mass-updates to your 360-degree customer data in confidence. You don't have to manually unify or cleanse one record at a time (which doesn't scale to millions of records). Any updates or record consolidations can be rolled back to any point in time, and each instance (i.e. Salesforce Org) gains full visibility into the complete 360-degree customer view.


Features Include

1. Matching & De-Duplication

All records are tokenized and matched across all data sources in which they exist – this is accomplished through machine learning algorithms that receive continual human input. Matched records and potential duplicates are flagged and users have the ability to merge records directly inside of your application’s interface (ie. Salesforce.com).

Duplicate Matching Example: Accounts

2. Multi-Instance Data Cleansing at Scale

Cleansing can be done using your existing data sources (other Salesforce Orgs, ERP or e-commerce systems, etc.), or GRAX’s 3rd party validation engine. 3rd party data sources can be used to enrich missing fields on all objects (i.e. accounts, cases, contacts, leads) while conflicting field values are flagged for user intervention. Mass-updates can be completed in confidence with GRAX Protect, which allows granular rollback on any/all changes to any point in time.

3. Normalization

Common data fields, like address information or industry codes, can be normalized and brought into compliance with USPS formats and industry standard codes such as NAICS and SIC. This makes your data reliably actionable.

Company-Wide Analytics In Days

GRAX Enrich is the best way to unify, cleanse and master data across unlimited application instances (such as Salesforce Orgs) and data sources. Enrich allows you to unify access without unifying data residency, allowing you to tap the full insight value of your data, while adhering to complex regulatory practices.


 Supported Tools

Truly Own Your Data. Really.

GRAX lets you control 100% of your data’s Digital Chain of Custody. This means that your data never leaves your environment, is never held hostage through proprietary data formats or functional restrictions and is always available and portable should you choose to stop using GRAX.

It's Clicks, Not Code.

GRAX’s functionality is fully accessible through your system’s user interface. This means that you never have to write any code or even learn any new user interface. GRAX is a click-to-install package that absorbs the settings and governance policies of the environment that it operates in.


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