Full visibility across all your Salesforce orgs for better customer retention and upsell opportunities.

Multiple Salesforce orgs without multiple headaches

What if you could aggregate data across orgs instead of painstakingly combining highly customized Salesforce orgs? GRAX Multi-Org makes it faster, easier and more effective to complete your company-wide business data strategy.

The days of worrying about Salesforce org consolidation are gone.

No more costly multi-org consolidation projects

GRAX Multi-Org eliminates the need to consolidate by centralizing data outside Salesforce into a Heroku data lake. This saves organizations orders of magnitude in time and money.

GRAX has turned a tedious, customized SI process into a simple setup product that is normally done in just a few days. Once installed, we hand over the keys to your Salesforce Admin to customize the experience to your company's liking.

Company-wide data visibility in days, not years

GRAX makes it simple to set up a data lake using Heroku so that your entire organization's data now flows into one centralized location. The advantage?

  • Build C-level reporting across the entire organization in days — even with multiple orgs

  • Grant Manager and Rep Level access to authorized customer data across independent org instances

  • Salesforce admins can build standard Salesforce reporting and/or Einstein Analytics without extra training

  • Create embedded Salesforce reports in Objects such as accounts, tasks, cases and opportunities

Reveal new deal opportunities with centralized analytics & reporting

So how do sales reps benefit from GRAX Multi-Org?

  • Cross-sell products by providing rep-level insight to a customer's activity across the entire organization

  • View buying habits and customer history from other org opportunities, service requests and activities

  • Develop better executive sales strategies across the entire organization by seeing aggregated sales information from each business unit in one dashboard

  • Aggregate insights leveraging Einstein Analytics

One data lake to

rule them all

Connecting your Salesforce org data is just the tip of the iceberg. Creating one central data lake via Heroku opens up the ability to pipe in other external data sources such as ERP, IoT device, marketing automation software, etc. The more data you connect, the smarter your organization becomes.

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