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How Salesforce Schema Changes Can Degrade an ETL Pipeline

Data Replication Eliminates ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Schema Challenges Anyone who uses Salesforce knows that getting schema right is critical. It’s what enables you to rely on the platform for customer interactions and management – and to leverage historical Salesforce data for reporting, analytics, AI, and more.  When it comes to integrating Salesforce data with … Continued

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The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Certification Verification

Hundreds of thousands of developers, administrators, and consultants around the world create, update, and manage Salesforce applications. With millions of users relying on them, it’s critical that the applications are of the highest quality. It’s also critical that everyone who uses Salesforce knows how to get the most value from the platform – and that … Continued

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Why Businesses Need Salesforce Parquet

Benefits of making Salesforce data available in Parquet format Businesses that rely on Salesforce Customer 360 need better ways to efficiently manage and process their data. To get the most value from their data, many users export it into analytics and business intelligence systems. Depending on what file format they use, however, this can be … Continued

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Using Data Automation for Salesforce

Create data pipelines with GRAX to streamline digital transformation and improve analytics and intelligence capabilities. What is data automation? Salesforce generates and houses vast amounts of diverse data, which can be a goldmine for insights. However, managing this data is often a Herculean task. If done manually, the amount of time and resources required to … Continued


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