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What is Data Archiving?

Defining data archive, its benefits, and best practices At its core, data archiving is about retaining data that is important but no longer needed in everyday business operations – and doing so in a way that is very cost-effective. In practice, data archiving is the process of moving infrequently accessed data from primary storage to … Continued

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Top 6 Data Backup Strategy Considerations

How to create a strong backup and recovery plan Every business knows that backing up data is critical. Without a sound data backup strategy and regular testing of backup systems, your risk of data loss and business interruption increases exponentially, whether from innocent human error, malicious actors and ransomware, or unplanned downtime from hardware errors … Continued


Guide to Salesforce Data Purging for Data Retention Policies

Introducing GRAX’s purge tool to strategically preserve mission-critical Salesforce data while balancing data retention and purging policies. Data has become an invaluable asset in today’s climate, where proper data management is crucial for staying competitive and compliant. Within the Salesforce ecosystem, the trio of data purging, data retention policies, and data management holds significant sway … Continued


GRAX Lifecycle Management Improves Salesforce Data Management

GRAX’s new lifecycle management feature for the Salesforce platform makes implementing and managing data retention policies easier than ever. What is Salesforce Data Lifecycle Management? Salesforce data lifecycle management can be defined as the comprehensive approach to managing data from the Salesforce platform, encompassing various stages of the data’s lifecycle. Although stages can vary from … Continued


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