SaaS Data Ownership

This article, written by Joe Gaska for Digitalisation World, discusses how to turn privacy and governance into a competitive advantage.

Source: Digitalisation World

While some may see SaaS application data as a liability that they would prefer to sweep under the rug, more and more organizations are embracing it as a strategic weapon that they can take control of, secure and use to compete and win in their markets. Joe discusses why this is the case and how to leverage cloud application data for your organization.

Key points he makes include:

  • Application providers are responsible for the integrity of their systems, while businesses may be responsible for ensuring the data is stored in a secure format or properly anonymized.
  • With the attractive security, governance and cost profiles of cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP, organizations can now provision more compliant and secure cloud environments with the click of a button.
  • SaaS data backup tools can help you capture and archive data out of an application, like Salesforce, and into your own secure AWS, Azure or GCP environment — while improving your SaaS application performance and cutting your storage costs.
  • For long-term success, look for backup tools that allow for ownership, unfettered data access and high-fidelity data capture.

Read more in this Digitalisation World article, “SaaS Data Ownership.”

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