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  • How can we get an entire 360° customer view?
  • How can we accelerate our pipeline velocity?
  • How can we reduce customer churn & improve NPS?
  • How can we drive innovation for products / new offerings?


Salesforce Data in Tableau

Create historical opportunity snapshot reports with all your sales history to gain better insight into how to  accelerate pipeline velocity. 

Salesforce Data in Amazon QuickSight

Create historical snapshot reports with your customer support and sales data to improve customer experience. 

History Stream for Amazon QuickSight

Analyze and improve your sales team’s pipeline by rep and stage over time in Amazon QuickSight

History Stream for Tableau CRM

Increase conversion rates through each sales pipeline stage over time with your historical Salesforce data in Tableau CRM

History Stream for PowerBI by Azure

Monitor regional sales performance and minimize the number of touch points needed to close win opportunities in PowerBI by Azure

History Stream for Amazon SageMaker – Customer Churn Prediction Use Case

Predict customer churn through intelligent data modeling using both backed up and archived customer health data in Amazon SageMaker and Amazon QuickSight

History Stream for Amazon SageMaker – Revenue Optimization Use Case

Predict customer revenue patterns, such as lifetime value, using machine learning models and customer revenue data in Amazon SageMaker and Amazon QuickSight

Pipe your historical data anywhere Parquet is supported

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GRAX for Microsoft Excel
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GRAX for Google Sheets
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GRAX for Tableau Connectors
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History Stream + Amazon QuickSight
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History Stream + PowerBI by Azure
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History Stream + Amazon SageMaker
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History Stream + Snowflake
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History Stream + Google BigQuery
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