GRAX Announces History Stream™, Unleashing SaaS App Data for Easy Downstream Consumption

Breakthrough DataOps solution quickly pushes critical cloud application data into popular analytics and operations systems, with clicks not code

BOSTON, MA — June 16, 2021GRAX, Inc., the leading SaaS Data Value Platform, today announced the release of History Stream™. This breakthrough DataOps solution slashes the complexity, time, and cost required to pipe SaaS app data to the analytics and operations tools business users rely on. With History Stream, customers effortlessly stream native SaaS app data stored in their own AWS or Azure cloud data lake into industry-standard tools, seamlessly integrating with the rest of their data ecosystem. 

In a world where one in three enterprise’s mission-critical applications are cloud-based, business users are eager to leverage that history for other operational and analytical purposes. However, accessing SaaS application data is a mostly manual endeavor, requiring highly skilled IT teams to dedicate significant time and resources for ETL (extracting, transforming, and loading data) and for creating and maintaining APIs for each downstream consumption tool.  

“Businesses depend on their history. The more detail they have about current activities and trends, the better they can react to market changes and predict and shape their own future. Much of this history resides in SaaS applications, but the complexities inherent in making it accessible are enormous. Now, instead of having to code, businesses can make every version of that data widely and securely available with just a few clicks,” said Joe Gaska, CEO of GRAX. “History Stream gives businesses a streamlined, hassle-free, and efficient way to unlock strategic value from SaaS data by pushing it straight from the cloud environment they already own. We un-silo the data and serve it up in a way that is actionable, in whatever tools businesses want to consume it.” 

“As a provider of health insurance to more than 360,000 teachers, staff and families, we needed to not only protect our mission-critical Salesforce data and comply with data-related industry regulations but also leverage that historical data for analytics,” said Attila Madarasz, Software Development and Implementation Manager of Teachers Health. “We believe GRAX makes this possible. It’s a robust solution that supports our data lake strategy, enabling us to bring our own cloud and have control over our history. We’re excited about exploring History Stream’s ability to complete the picture by making it simple to consume that data downstream in data lakehouses.”

GRAX builds the bridge that businesses need in order to unleash the power of historical SaaS app data by making it an easily integrated part of their data fabric. It uniquely:

  1. Enables organizations to control the capture frequency for historical versions of their SaaS application data. This ultra-high capture fidelity is critical to optimizing data protection and downstream analytics.
  2. Gives businesses complete ownership over their SaaS application history by running and storing it in the customer’s own cloud environment (via GRAX Virtual Appliance), without passing through GRAX or other third-party systems. By allowing customers to Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC), GRAX helps ensure their SaaS data is available for downstream consumption while minimizing security risks. 
  3. Eliminates API and ETL drudgery by using the industry standard Parquet format to make cloud app data readily available virtually anywhere. This includes popular analytics and operational tools such as Tableau, Amazon AWS (Redshift, QuickSight, SageMaker), Microsoft Azure (Power BI, Analysis Services), and Snowflake, among others. 

History Stream will initially support Salesforce application data, which is used by more than 50% of enterprises and 83% of the Fortune 500.

“You can’t know your trajectory if you don’t understand your past. Historical data is the key, but most systems view it through the frosty lens of cold storage. GRAX brings historical data to light with their new offering, History Stream,” said Eric Kavanagh, CEO, The Bloor Group. “This is a profound solution that will help companies learn from the past, and thus optimize the path forward.”

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