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April Fools… Backup is No Joke!

The world’s best cloud storage service was released today, called Titanic… It’s always synching! (Bada-bing!)

Source: CloudTweaks

We know. These jokes are kind of lame, but they probably made you smirk. That’s what April Fools is all about! But just because it comes right after World Backup Day doesn’t mean backup is a joke. At GRAX, we take backup very seriously, especially when it comes to valuable SaaS application data.

Here’s why:

  1. Just about every enterprise uses cloud (SaaS) apps. And these businesses report that 1/3 of their mission-critical apps are SaaS, according to ESG. But believe it or not, 33% of companies say SaaS apps don’t need to be backed up. And 37% think most SaaS vendors do it for them. (Spoiler: they don’t.)
  2. Companies that do back up their SaaS data actually have to lease it from their backup vendor. Those vendors keep your data in their storage system. That can be problematic. The more touchpoints your data has, the more likely it is to be compromised. And the less accessible and reliable it is when you need to access it.
  3. Backup as an insurance policy is critical. But it’s not the whole story. Business users overwhelmingly want to reuse SaaS application data for other purposes and in other systems. They access it via APIs. However, not only does that get expensive when you hit and have to increase API limits, it causes the SaaS app to slow down.
  4. Cloud backup data can be a strategic business accelerator. By backing up SaaS app data into your own, existing cloud infrastructure (e.g., AWS or Azure) instead of a vendor’s, and doing so at a high frequency, you get a granular copy of your historical data that business users can access whenever they need — no waiting, no API hits. And because you minimize exposure to third parties, you minimize data risk and optimize reliability.

If you take backup as seriously as we do, get in touch. We’ll show you how to make it even more valuable.

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