Reducing Marketing Cloud Connect Storage Impact with GRAX Protect on Heroku

Connecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Sales Cloud unlocks powerful features that allow customers to develop a 360 degree view of their customers and to better orchestrate sales, service and marketing behavior across multiple systems, in each respective system.

One challenge that we see a number of customers hit with the integration, is that the rich media inside of Marketing Cloud tends to be pretty ‘heavy’ – it ends up fairly quickly eroding data storage capacity in Sales Cloud.

Some customers that have large databases with frequent email sends often have to compromise on the visibility that they have into Marketing Cloud objects (like emails) or forgo the integration altogether, due to these limitations on storage capacity in their Sales or Service Cloud instances.

Fortunately, this is a case where the archive functionality in GRAX Protect can completely eliminate the issue without compromising functionality. GRAX, running on Heroku, allows customers to enrich the 360 degree customer views they are building in Sales and Service Cloud with Marketing Cloud data, without impacting instance storage.

We have a number of customers using the Archive function within GRAX Protect to do this. Essentially, they use Marketing Cloud Connect to create a seamless integration between Marketing Cloud and Sales/Service Cloud, and then use GRAX Protect to automatically archive certain data (like emails) to their customer-owned GRAX data lake.

GRAX on Heroku

Because GRAX Archive data appears natively alongside live data (via the GRAX-Heroku lightning component), customers can retain a full, unlimited history of all emails and act on that history directly inside of Sales and Service cloud. Not only that, but this history can be exposed in multiple (unlimited) Sales and Service Cloud Orgs – which allows global companies with multiple instances to orchestrate marketing and selling behavior across their entire cluster of Salesforce instances (with GRAX Enrich).

Sales and Service Cloud data can also be moved back into Marketing Cloud via scheduled SFTP imports from the customer-owned GRAX data lake, which allows unlimited object syncs back into Marketing Cloud (such data from 3rd party ERP and e-Commerce platforms).

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