What New Data Privacy Legislation Means for SaaS Users

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for eWeek, highlights recent data privacy legislation, and how companies using SaaS applications should respond.

Source: eWeek

Three U.S. states have passed data privacy legislation, with several others actively reviewing bills and the trend increasing globally. Businesses need to proactively implement a security framework that gives them control over their customers’ data so that they can remain compliant with evolving regulations. To do this, companies using cloud applications need to understand that they—and not their SaaS vendors—are responsible for protecting their customer’s data. Being a good data steward requires companies to reclaim ownership of their SaaS app data in a secure cloud data lake, such as AWS. By maintaining ownership, companies control access and minimize risk. High-frequency backups also help to ensure a digital chain of custody to prepare for potential audits and allow customers to request their data be deleted.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data privacy is a trending topic with new regulations, but protecting data is not only about complying with a particular law – it is about maintaining security and customer trust.
  • ESG says SaaS applications account for 1/3 of the average organization’s mission-critical apps. Companies using these apps need to understand that their vendors are not responsible for securing and keeping their data compliant.
  • Storing data in their own cloud data lake allows companies to maintain access and control while enabling easy, cost-effective reuse in analytic tools to improve cybersecurity, customer service and retention, sales, product development, and feed machine learning and AI training sets.

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