Two new ways backup can protect enterprise SaaS data

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for HelpNetSecurity, highlights the importance of backup to protect enterprise SaaS data.

Source: HelpNetSecurity

There is a lot of conversation around protecting data that resides in on-premises apps, but when it comes to protecting data on SaaS apps, it’s pretty much crickets. This is because many enterprises assume SaaS vendors protect their customers’ data in those apps, which is false. The truth is that the majority of SaaS vendors do not back up your data, making it your responsibility. In this article, Joe gives advice on how you can better protect and preserve crucial SaaS app data before it’s too late.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure your SaaS app backup system is set up to limit external access points to your data, preserve all SaaS data and ensure traceability and accountability.
  • SaaS vendors own your data and lease it back to you; the first step in protecting SaaS data is to own it.
  • Enterprises should back up all data at the highest fidelity possible to ensure they have an audit trail, making it easy to identify if, when, or where something went awry.

Read more in this HelpNetSecurity article: Two new ways backup can protect enterprise SaaS data.

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