Trends in financial data 2021

This article, by Tearsheet’s Rimal Farrukh, highlights data trends shaping financial services, such as data ownership.

Source: Tearsheet

Digital transformation, data personalization, and transparency are crucial for financial data ecosystems. Farrukh spoke to industry leaders – including our CEO Joe Gaska – to discuss trending issues in data aggregation, data processing, and sharing. Joe explains why financial organizations must require data ownership, control, and be capable of proving a chain of custody to minimize risk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Financial professionals have long been focused on reducing the number of people who could see and access their organization’s data.
  • Presently, the focus is shifting to provide a much deeper level of visibility into every person who has accessed the data for traceability and auditability.
  • Without auditability, insurance costs and underwriting will increase.

Read more in this Tearsheet article, Trends in financial data 2021.

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