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Why Companies Need to Focus on Employee Mental Health

In this article, StrategicCHRO360 interviews GRAX’s head of people and culture, Sharon Schmidt, on the importance of employee mental health. The pandemic pushed many companies to consider how they support their employees’ mental health and emotional well-being. Sharon Schmidt, head of people and culture at GRAX, advises beginning with honest conversations to solicit employee feedback … Continued


Data Protection Investments

In this interview with TechStrong TV, Joe Gaska explains why organizations should be getting a lot more out of their data management investments. People are backing up more data than ever, but how can they use it to bring value to their organizations? Joe Gaska explains how SaaS backup data is really a collection of … Continued


What New Data Privacy Legislation Means for SaaS Users

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for eWeek, highlights recent data privacy legislation, and how companies using SaaS applications should respond. Three U.S. states have passed data privacy legislation, with several others actively reviewing bills and the trend increasing globally. Businesses need to proactively implement a security framework that gives them control over … Continued


How Insurers can Unlock Historical Data for Business Growth

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for PropertyCasualty360, discusses why insurers should rethink their use of historical SaaS data to leverage it as more than just a backup. Insurance organizations have always relied on data for processes like underwriting and risk assessment and are likely using historical data for regulatory compliance and security. … Continued


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