GRAX Named in Hottest Startups 2021 – CRN

In this CRN article, Wade Tyler Millward highlights GRAX amongst the hottest SaaS Startups.

Source: CRN

With the increased need for SaaS applications as a result of the pandemic, CRN turned its focus to SaaS startups that are thriving in 2021. This article names GRAX as one of the hottest.

Key Takeaways:

  • SaaS tools have been crucial to adapting to remote work and enabling more efficient operations, and startups like GRAX are at the forefront of these innovations.
  • GRAX Data Archive schedules auto-archiving jobs to manage storage costs and application performance and makes archived data available for reports and analytics.
  • With the launch of the breakthrough DataOps solution History Stream, GRAX cemented its place as a SaaS startup that is changing the industry.

Read more in this CRN article, The 10 Hottest SaaS Startups of 2021 (So Far).

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