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GRAX Singularity Edition: The Most Efficient and Easiest Way to Capture and Ingest Your Historical Data for Reuse

The latest evolution in data protection and DataOps is here! History Stream TM enables BI/BA Teams, Data Engineers, Data Consumers to quickly and flexibly stream Salesforce data into their existing systems for analytics, data warehousing, AI/ML, and data mastering. Welcome to GRAX Summer ’21 – Singularity Do you want your cloud application data in your … Continued


GRAX Virtual Appliance: The SaaS Appliance for Salesforce Backups

The GRAX Data Value Platform is an “easy button” for customers who need to backup, restore, and archive data from their Salesforce instances. Customers in all industries are today benefiting from a fully managed, scalable hands-off deployment that gives them the peace of mind that their Salesforce business data is being preserved in a backup. … Continued


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