More Workplace Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

This article in SHRM includes commentary from our Head of People and Culture, Sharon Schmidt, on benefits we have implemented to help our employees during the pandemic.

Source: SHRM

The pandemic has added a lot of stress to many people’s lives. Employers have an obligation to connect and communicate with employees to make sure everyone is taking care of their mental health. This SHRM article includes commentary from HR professionals around the world about lessons they have learned during the pandemic. Sharon shared some benefits we have implemented for employees during these trying times, including:

  • $70 stipend that employees can use at their discretion for things like the Calm app or wellness books to encourage them to take care of their mental well-being.
  • A safe space for people to talk about mental health and share tips through monthly talks and focus groups, as well as a dedicated Slack channel.
  • Our CEO told employees they could log off and stop working on Jan. 6 — when protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol — and encouraged them to take the time they needed to process what had happened.

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