How Historical Cloud App Data Can Accelerate Business

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In this Forbes article, GRAX CEO, Joe Gaska discusses how organizations can leverage historical SaaS data to drive business growth.

In 2019, companies used an average of 29 cloud applications each, and that number has been exploding ever since. With this growth, businesses need strategies to protect and backup SaaS data, and equally important, leverage it to improve decision-making outside of the apps themselves. To do this, they must first regain ownership of their data and use high-fidelity backups so that zero data is lost. Gaska explains how companies that maintain ownership of their data can more analyze it to improve product development, cybersecurity, customer service, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to ESG, 33% of business leaders believe their SaaS vendor is responsible for backing up their data. In fact, the onus is on the enterprise itself to ensure their data is protected and compliant with government regulations.
  • In a consistently disrupted world, protecting data against the unexpected is at the forefront of business leaders’ priorities. High-fidelity backups ensure mission-critical data is not lost and is accessible for reuse.
  • The key to integrating historical SaaS app data into a business’s analytics ecosystem is maintaining data ownership in their own cloud data lake so that it can be done securely, efficiently, and easily.

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