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This article in Datanami discusses GRAX’s newest product, History Stream, including how it works

The breakthrough DataOps solution, History Stream, slashes the complexity, time, and cost required to transmit SaaS application data to the analytics and operations tools business users rely on. Now, instead of having to code, businesses users can make every version of that data widely and securely available with just a few clicks, says Joe Gaska, CEO of GRAX.

Key Takeaways:

  • History Stream gives businesses a streamlined, hassle-free, and efficient way to unlock strategic value from SaaS data by pushing it straight from the cloud environment they already own.
  • GRAX builds the bridge that businesses need to unleash the power of historical SaaS application data by making it an easily integrated part of their data fabric.
  • History Stream eliminates API and ETL challenges by using the industry standard Parquet format to make cloud application data readily available virtually anywhere

Read more in this Datanami article, GRAX Announces History Stream, Unleashing SaaS App Data for Easy Downstream Consumption.

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