Historical Data: A Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon

This Industry Today article by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska discusses how SaaS backup data can help manufacturers improve efficiencies, forecasting, and more for this holiday season

Manufacturers need to use every tool in their arsenal to ensure this holiday season is a successful one. One of the most powerful yet untapped tools is their data living inside cloud-based, or SaaS, applications such as ERP and CRM.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most of this mission-critical historical data for manufacturers is locked inside these cloud applications, making it difficult at best for manufacturers to access this gold mine of information.
  • To easily access the data and avoid SaaS vendor fees, manufacturers should back up their historical SaaS app data into their own cloud data lake.
  • Once there, manufacturing data can be reused across their ecosystem to provide valuable insights that can help streamline operations, more accurately forecast deliveries, and better understand inventory and work order demands.

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