GRAX Sandbox Seeding for Salesforce Unveiled

GRAX marks the next significant milestone with its Salesforce data lifecycle management solution with the introduction of Sandbox Seeding for Salesforce.

GRAX Sandbox Seeding

Why it matters

According to Salesforce, 8 out of 10 businesses recognize the importance of data in making decisions. However, everyday Salesforce developers and Salesforce administrators face a multitude of complex challenges surrounding testing, training, and troubleshooting with their Salesforce datasets. 

As a leader in the Salesforce backup and archive space, we realized it was time to introduce a solution that wasn’t time-consuming or clunky to help Salesforce users get their test data sets out of production environments and into sandbox environments to help them develop and test faster. 

For years, Salesforce customers have trusted the GRAX application to help them protect their data and its value. The best way we can help extend this value protection is to give our users the keys to innovate faster, and that’s why we are launching GRAX Sandbox Seeding.

Joe Gaska, Head of Product @ GRAX

What it includes

  • Support for multiple types of Sandboxes –  Simply create a sandbox environment of choice to get started:
    • Developer Sandbox,
    • Developer Pro Sandbox,
    • Partial Sandbox,
    • Full Sandbox,
    • Or Scratch Orgs.
  • Precision seeding – Granularly select and define the sandbox template of your sample data set in your production org from any point in time to ensure a real-world test environment.
  • Anonymize sensitive data – Innovate with confidence by anonymizing confidential and sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data. 

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Who it benefits and impacts

  • Salesforce Developers: No longer do developers need to ask, “How to get data in the developer sandbox?”. They can now test changes in a Sandbox environment before deploying them to the production environment to ensure it works as expected.
  • Salesforce Administrators: Many administrators must test new features, configurations, updates, and other changes in a Sandbox environment before implementing them into the Salesforce production environment. Seeding data can help them emulate a real-world environment to test these changes against and ensure they don’t impact existing data, automations, and user experience.
  • Salesforce Consultants: Consultants work with clients to implement Salesforce solutions, and they need to test their implementations in a Sandbox environment before deploying to a customer’s production Salesforce. Sandbox seeding can help them test their implementation and ensure that they meet their client’s requirements.
  • Salesforce Trainers: Trainers must create training materials and conduct training sessions for Salesforce users. With Sandbox Seeding, they can create realistic scenarios and examples to train users on how to use Salesforce.
  • Salesforce QA/Testers: QA/Testers need a sandbox environment to test new features and functionality before releasing them to the Salesforce production environment. Using GRAX Sandbox Seeding, they can try these new features and ensure they work as expected. 

Learn more

  • Watch GRAX Sandbox Seeding in action here.
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  • Read about how users can leverage this new feature here.
  • Get a personal demo or free trial of GRAX here.

GRAX Sandbox Seeding is generally available soon. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases, public statements, or public materials are not currently generally available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase GRAX should make their purchase decisions based on currently available features.

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