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Joe Gaska

Head of Product


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If you are a Salesforce developer or administrator, a Salesforce Sandbox Seeding solution can be extremely beneficial for development and testing. With this new feature, you can avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry or migration processes. 

GRAX Sandbox Seeding works with seeding real data into developer, developer pro, partial, and full copy sandboxes as well as scratch and production orgs. It can help ensure that the testing and development environment accurately reflects the production data (including anonymized sensitive data sets) and configuration of the ideal environment, leading to better testing and development outcomes. 

Watch this video to see how you can:

  • Seed Salesforce data efficiently and quickly,
  • Replicate the complete hierarchy of data from any instance to any destination,
  • And more.

Check out how GRAX for Salesforce Sandbox Seeding can solve your sandbox seeding challenges while increasing your productivity and efficiency.

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Good afternoon! Joe Gaska, Head of Product at GRAX, I'm going to demonstrate Sandbox Seeding.

If you log into GRAX, you'll see on the left hand side sandbox seeding prompt.

I'm going to click connect to Salesforce development instance, and I'm simply going to log into the destination Salesforce instance that I'll be sending the data to with a couple clicks.

I'm just going to click to log into the environment. So when you come back to sandbox seeding, you'll now see there's a new target org we're going to be sending the data.

I'm simply going to click next. I have defined a Salesforce report that selects a few accounts data and I'm going to select the Salesforce report.

It's in our documentation that you can see. I'm just going to quickly click next preview seed. It's going to calculate the complete hierarchy of the data that it's going to be sending to the destination Salesforce org.

So it's currently loading the data as that and you'll see right there the complete hierarchy of the data. I'm just going to simply click next.

In another video you can see how to anonymize the data, but I'm just going to quickly click next and right here we're about to seed the data.

Now I logged into the destination org as you can see in this destination org that is here. There is only one account that's there and I'm actually going to pop back in and I'm going to quickly click seed.

So I'm going to get this started. So this is going. I'm going to start sending and creating the data in the destination org.

You can see right there already it created the accounts, the contacts and the assets. And if I quickly go back to the destination org and I click refresh, you're going to start seeing the data that's come over.

Now, if I click into any of this, this data, you're going to see that the contacts, the opportunities, the cases, all of the information that's been.

I'll quickly transfer it to the destination org. That's how quick and simple it is. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

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